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Uncharted: Buy or Rent? |

I have only played the demo, but Uncharted looks like a great title. However, from the impressions that I’ve read it will take around ten hours to complete and the replay options sound limited. Others have said that they love replaying to get all the treasure items and bonus points, but realistically, I don’t see myself doing that. I’ve also heard that the play time is very action packed and has minimal repitition and “fluff”, but the simple fact is that I can rent this, finish it, and then return it if I choose.


Should I rent or buy?

From a selfish consumer perspective, it seems like best option is to rent: it may be a great title, but I can simply rent for a few weeks at the small cost of my montly game rental service, and I will get most the enjoyment and experience out of the title.

On the other hand, I’d like to support these types of titles and see more of this type of product in the future. Renting definitely doesn’t do that. Regardless of how much I enjoy the product, the developer and publisher of the game will see almost no money from a rental.

I’m leaning towards renting. Sure, that behavior won’t support this type of high quality product, and if everyone starts doing that, these types of products will disappear, but that isn’t my job. My job as a consumer is to make myself happy for the least amount of money. Also, I am buying plenty of other PS3 products.

What are you planning to do?

  • Kamesen

    I didnt buy Heavenly Sword, so I will end up buying Uncharted. It was a matter of funding/timing for me. I think its not bad to rent some games as long as you buy the ones that you really like, in other words, the ones that keep you up at night because you are really looking forward to them. Cheers Darrin!

  • Rental for sure. I am not willing to splash down 60€ (70€ MSRP which is $100!!) for a ten hour game!

  • I’ll purchase it πŸ™‚ I also bought heavenly sword cuz I had to play it, but I sold it after I was done with it.

  • jwspiker

    i’ll get it in the mail this week.. loving Assassians creed right now, though it’s on loan from a friend, and i’ll be loaning him Heavenlly sword as well. I think my ps3 has been randomly been turning on lately. sorta wierd.

  • francois

    This is my type of games, so I bought it. It is worth it. I finished it in 11 hours, and I started another game at hard level.

    60$cdn is not that bad for such a combinaison of intuitive gameplay, good acting, humour, action, puzzle and platforming. When you think about it, it is the price of 2 blu-ray movie.

    This game made me experience a story like I have never seen before. This is a work of art in my opinion. Last time I played a game that combined that much fun and excellent story was “Beyond Good and Evil” for Playstation 2.

  • Stephen

    I have more than one system.

    Since there are so many excellent titles in November, I will be renting it instead.

    If it had come out few months earlier, I probably would have buy it.

  • i bought it. i don’t get to spend much time playing games (maybe an hour or two per night, tops), so renting doesn’t make much sense for me for most games i want. plus, i’m an explorer-type of gamer — i take my time and like to explore every nook and cranny of the game world, so it’s going to take me a lot more than 10 hours, probably.

    multiplayer wouldn’t make a difference to me: i don’t play online multiplayer games (my reflexes aren’t good enough for the level of competition online).

    anyway, i bought it, and i am loving it! a very, very high-quality game.

  • i should add that i do not subscribe to a monthly game rental service. i used to when i lived in the US, but last time i checked, there weren’t many good options in canada (i should check again).

  • Emrah

    I don’t think, just because it is 10 hours you need to rent it. I’ve ordered mine but yet to play it. From my initial impression of the demo, I think it is good game that needs to be in any ps3 users archive. It is one game that you can use to show off the capabilities of your PS3. If you say you do not need showing off, well, still, it is a good game, it is exclusive for your PS3.

    I buy the DVD’s of good movies even if I won’t be watching them 5 times over.

  • Gibb

    I already pre-ordered Uncharted, and got HS cheap from eBay. Can’t wait to play them both.

  • p3ngu

    If I had the option to actually rent a game (don’t know if it’s even possible where I live), I’d most likely buy it anyway. I’m kinda slow on finishing games (if ever), and I don’t wanna be rushed to complete a game. Also, I think it’s cool to actually have some good games in the (right now rather thin) collection.

    So in my opinion: buy πŸ™‚

  • I’ll be buying it (I’m in the UK and it’s not out here until 7 December), for two reasons:

    1. To support quality titles.

    2. I belong to a DVD rental scheme, and some of the discs are in terrible condition. I would not risk putting a rental game in a similar condition in my beloved PS3.

    Plus, if a game is short and/or has little replay value, I usually sell it on an auction site (no, not eBay) afer I’ve completed it. If a game is popular, you can usually get most of your money back anyway.

  • Nathaniel

    I will be picking this up as all the reviews and previews point to this been a quality title and its just the type of gameplay i like. I didn’t get Heavenly Sword at launch but i think i will pick this up in the New Year as everyone i have spoken to who played it recommends it……

  • I would love to rent it but in Switzerland, due to legal restriction or whatever, it is not possible to rent any games…

  • John

    I’ll be buying “used”.
    €60-70 is definetely too high of a price, especially given that after a few months, you can find most games for half that in second-hand shops (discs and boxes in prime condition).
    Recently got Heavenly Sword for €40, which is a bit deeper than mere button mashing once you raise the difficulty (some combos are truly gorgeous, too bad most people won’t ever get to see them).

  • New IPs need more love. Everyone will rush out and put money down on sequals that offer the same experiance as previous installments and rent new original IPs, like Folklore.

    Uncharted is the best looking next gen game I’ve played on my SDTV. Plus there are alot of rewards to complete, the gameplay is fun, the story is interesting, the controls are smooth, the voice acting doesn’t suck..

    I’d buy it so ND can do a sequal.

  • Darrin, you made a post about low attach rates with PS3 owners, yet you’re planning on renting one of the biggest name games out for the PS3 this year.

    I’m not having a go or anything but you have been a big renter so far with the PS3. Do your bit and buy it! πŸ™‚

    Can’t you trade in games when you’ve finished with them over in America?

    I trade in 90% of the games that I’ve bought when I’ve finished them, it’s the only way I can afford new games.

    I’ve pre-ordered Uncharted from for Β£33. 8)

  • Pc

    Uncharted is simply put, the best game i have played !! The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is tight, and the story line keeps you wanting more !! It’s just a single player game that doesn’t have any kind of open ended gameplay, but these are the kinda of games you must buy to support the developers for making such great titles.

  • Pc

    SO BUY IT !!!

  • DarkSide

    Its a MUST BUY for me. I have to disagree totally with the OP.

  • Darrin

    “I buy the DVD’s of good movies even if I won’t be watching them 5 times over.”

    I’m the exact opposite. Often I love a movie so much, that I get the urge to own it, but then I think more rationally: I will rarely watch this again, and it’s simply not worth the cost and shelf space.

  • Darrin

    Gary, I am a big renter, but I will buy plenty: I’ve bought 8 disc games so far this year (5 PS3, 3 PS2), and roughly $70 of various PSN stuff. I will also buy at least two more PS3 games when I get my PS3 fixed. I am definitely not the problem with attach rate.

    For my taste, there are some junk games, then there are some very good games that are definite rentals (Motorstorm, HS, Ninja Gaiden), and there are some games that I absolutely must buy and I get my dollars worth many times over (R&C, Rock Band, Manhunt 2, God Of War 2, Lego Star Wars). Uncharted is a border case for me and I wanted to hear what others thought.

    Also, Gary, buying/selling/trading used games isn’t much better than renting from the perspective of supporting the industry.

    Also, as much as I admire some developers such as Naughty Dog for what they’re doing, ultimately consumers should put their own needs first: if you are thinking of buying a game mainly to support a developer, you have your priorities messed up.

  • I didn’t even like the demo. So I won’t be renting OR buying it.

    But then, it’s only a single player game. πŸ™‚

  • Specter

    I purchased this on day one. Uncharted is a great game and if we really want to see more games like this come out for the PS3 we have to support the developers and buy games! Part of the reason why PS3 is suffering is because it’s community is renting just about every title that comes out regardless of whether the title is great or not. Then the same people complain when publishers don’t release titles for the PS3 for the fear of low sales return. The fact is a developer will be more willing to release a title for the PS3 if they know the community will buy the games they make.

    One thing about the Xbox community that we all have to admit is that they support developers and buy games. Look at how much Assassin’s creed sold as well as many other Xbox titles. Renting may save you a few bucks, but in the long run mass renting kills titles and sequels to great games for your platform.

    Conclusion: Buy games you like regardless of what people say, and rent those you have no interest in buying.

  • Specter

    @ Darrin

    Don’t buy games just to support developer, just buy the games you like. Selling a game you’ve enjoyed is better than renting because once you buy the game, you’re just supported. Renting does nothing more than help the store you rented the title from.

    Again compare sales figures from Xbox players to PS3 players. Sure Xbox has a bigger community, but when you have games like Uncharted, R&C, and Call of Duty failing to hit 200k in sales with a 6 million PS3 community something is wrong.

  • @henning: i was only feeling so-so about the demo, and the first couple of hours of the game were only OK, but after that it gets much better and much more fun. now i am absolutely loving it. i’m not quite sure what it is. maybe i was just getting better with the game, or maybe the level designs and situations get more interesting, or maybe the story becomes more involving. perhaps all three πŸ™‚

  • oh yeah, the weapons get better too!

  • Tekneek12

    I bought, and am now about half the way through play time, as reported by others. I didn’t think about the dynamics involved in renting from a consumer point of view or as that of an avid supporter of the studio, the company, and the product as a whole (very well done btw in your post, cheers). I can confidently say however that I don’t rent titles that interest me this much or this little (sounds like I agree with you completely in that regard) simply because i just dont rent things at all. Thats it pretty much that. And I think that has more to do with when i consider the amount of time it takes me to beat a non-sports title (split b/w rpg or action game), for instance maybe a week to two weeks for a a 10 hour game (I play alot of titles at once, and work a whole lot. its cheaper than a shrink and im improving hand-eye coordination ok?…), i just like to shoot over to the gamestop/eb, or local videogame hub, to grab something. Get 30 bucks back from a game i paid 65 for, well, thats probably about how much i wouldve paid renting it, and the hassle of actually having to go in and rent it (i mean i havent been in a rental store in years….are there still constant waiting lists, lack of new titles, long lines, and annoying decor?)……and most importanly, i get to go and TALK to other people in a store about video games, and debate a little, and do the comic book store kinda thing but not for a little kid, but for a young adult who just likes talking videogame shit. So in length, I would say that while I agree that my consumerism is likewise concerned with value, it is also concerned with store rooms, and the “think they know-it-all” dorks who work them. Cheers to you guys!!

    my two cents, πŸ™‚
    Cheers from London, well i’m in the states now, but you know..

  • Tekneek12

    And cheers Henning, how are you mate, long time no chat eh?

  • 514

    I support quality. I purchased it.

  • ehandlr

    This is probably one of the best next gen games to date. Its a must buy for sure.

  • I got this yesterday and played it all last night. I am hooked! Very fun

  • Doug

    I bought it and loved it. Ive played through twice already working on the hardest difficulty right now (challenging i think). I love the rewards you unlock make the game fun to go through like fast movement, the different filters, super slow motion, infinite ammo, elena costume. Good times and Id recommend it to every type of gamer.

  • D.Vader

    Great game. Worth the $60/