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Why This Site is Still Important |

Anyone can put up a game blog. Especially one like this, where we are just volunteer hobbyists and we don’t even have exclusive access to game previews or developer interviews.

However, I just listened to IGN’s PlayStation podcast, and that reminds me exactly why this type of site is more important than ever…

If you like PlayStation coverage that talks about how great PS3 titles like Resistance are boring, how the best thing in games is Microsoft branded Xbox Achievement Points, and how all of the editors are feeling tired and don’t want to get up and go through all that hassle of getting a PS3, then IGN is just for you. And that back button is right there on your web browser.

If you want PlayStation coverage by people who don’t merely have a lukewarm tolerance for the PS3, but are actually filled with genuine excitement and enthusiasm about the content and possibilities of the platform, and by people who have a beating pulse and couldn’t give two flipping f**ks about Microsoft corporate branding strategy Xbox Achievement Points or other marketing brand identity gimmick horsesh*t and want to play actual cutting edge, innovative games, then this is the site to come to.

OK, we need to take the good with the bad, talk about the shortcomings of the PS3 as well as it’s great spots, and we should generally avoid bashing the 360 which isn’t necessary to enjoying the PS3.

But there is simply no room for the tepid horsesh*t PlayStation coverage offered by IGN and GameSpot and others. If that’s what media coverage can offer, then why bother?

PS3 has some truely kick ass content out and sometimes there just needs to be someone who isn’t afraid to open their mouths and say so.

On the PS3, we have high tech, mainstream exclusives like Ratchet, Uncharted, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, and God of War 2, we have cutting edge pioneering exclusives like Eye Of Judgement and Everyday Shooter and Manhunt 2, we have a variety of other exlcusives such as Folklore and PSN titles, we have first class day and date release versions of the best cross platform games such as CoD4 and Rock Band, we have the best peripherals such as PS Eye and Logitech’s new wireless Bluetooth keyboard and user upgradeable standard hard drives.

The PS3 has the absolute best lineup of games and content right now and by far the best lineup of things to come in 2008!

Need one more illustration of why sites like this one are necessary?

Hey IGN!

How many of your staff running your PlayStation podcast actually own PS3s? Just the one guy visiting from the Xbox team? No one else? Wow.

Hey ps3blog!

How many of us own PS3s!!!

  • mitch


    I bookmarked your site to get news about the ps3 from people that own and love the system. so keep up the good work.

    one thing that i noticed is that the ads on your site are allways focused for the xbox 360. so maybe you should get a deal with sony for getting just sony ads.
    or is this somekind of microsoft trick they are using on your site?.



  • your page actually inspired us to build a local community around ps3 in Switzerland. Go ahead! Great work!

  • I’m a fan of this website. I actually have your feed listed on my simple PS3 Features Blog. This website is one of the better PS3 websites around.

  • Me

    “The PS3 has the absolute best lineup of games and content right now ”

    The PS3 doesn’t have the best game line up at the moment at all. It’s by far the worst of the 3 for games. Pretty much everyone (including PS3 owners) agrees on that.

    Also, were you claiming that Manhunt 2 was an exclusive or did I miss read that?

    I’m not saying the PS3 is bad, it does some great stuff and has massive potential, but let’s get real shall we. It’s underperforming and unless it starts to shift serious numbers in the next year, is in danger of falling further and further down the priority lists of 3rd party devs.

  • Gibb

    Well said.. too much manure!
    The odor on this site however is pure pleasure for the nose, that’s why I visit here frequently 😉

  • That’s great Barandum. 😀

    I like this site because it’s filled with unbiased PS3 fans. Most people here have other systems too. The problem with other sites is that they’re all 360 biased. Making everyone who doesn’t do their research to believe that there aren’t any good games worth in on the PS3.

  • Pc

    @Me, did i really just read that ??? The PS3 does have the best games, by far !!! I DID own a 360 (3 times) and I also have a Wii, and i can personally say that the PS3 does have the best content. One good game for the Wii (Super Mario Galaxy) and Mass Effect for the 360 doesn’t count as great titles, just “title”. You will never see a game like Uncharted or Heavenly Sword on the 360 !! What about Motorstorm which is still th best off road racer that has ever been made ?? All the good games on 360 revolve around shooting and all the great titles for the Wii are already out, except for the new Smash Bro’s. PS3 wins hands down and it’s only in its first year. Everybody here should know that not even the PS2 had titles this damn good this early on in its life. The PS3 is heading in a great direction !!! Especially with its new low price !!!

  • Akrom Ali

    Lets get something straight here, The PS3 came with huge expectations given their success with the PS1 and PS2. As a system the PS3 is a fantastic piece of hardware and much more than a games console. People ridiculed the high prices when it first came, but I clearly remember the Xbox 360 cost alot more when it first came out and the software that came with it were crap as well. If the 360 and PS3 were released at the same time then there would not have been any competition. There are better games coming out for the Ps3 now than what it was a year ago and things are only going to get better. The delay in the PS3 meant a more stable system with a low failure rate and high definition gaming as standard. The PS3 will prove alot of people wrong and I for one do not regret my purchase at all. Alot of unfair criticism have been made about the ps3 but I promise you people will be singing a different tune in a years time.

  • What I like about writing on this site is that we all have different tastes and opinions. We don’t follow Sony like sheep and ignore faults with the company.

    We have different taste in games but we all share the same passion for playing games.

    There’s also a nice diverse range of topics posted on here, reflecting our interests in the gaming industry and the PS3.

    There’s also a great bunch of regular contributors who make this site what it is. I’m talking about you guys that leave comments on here and post in the shoutbox.

    There wouldn’t be much point in writing stuff if nobody bothered to comment and share their views. 🙂

  • I first found this site, when looking for PS3 news sites to add to my google home page in fall 2006. Then a week or so later I moved it to the top of my google home page. I really liked reading the articles here, they have more of a human touch to them, that the big gaming sites don’t really have. You can relate to the writers here is what I trying to say.

    I like writing here as well. It’s always fun to see what comments everyone leaves!

    Long live 😀

  • Ahmet

    Man keep up the great job. I own a PS3 since summer and I love the great system, I’ve loved most of the games I have purchased, and I love the article’s you post here. The details you provide, the enthuasism you have are great.

    I agree with you about IGN and Gamespot, I even sometimes get the impression that the people review games there just hava a look at the games they preview and post their impressions which are biased towards xbox360.

    Good job, keep going!

  • derrickgott007

    I love this site. While we don’t always agree on everything, there is still a very strong sense of community and almost a brotherhood on here. When I write a comment I look forward to what Tosh or Darrin or Gary or anyone has to say. I have something really cool in the works for, It might be the first developer interview for this site! Keep your fingers crossed.

    THis is, by far the best PS3 news site that I have found. It’s even in my RSS feed bar as #1.

  • eeyeats

    a friend of mine told me about this site long before the ps3 even came out. it was quickly bookmarked and now occupies a tab of my browser at all times, which i update every so often throughout the day. i read ign and gamespot as well, and their reviews are often in-depth and useful, even if i disagree with them. all that being said…

    i love this site.

    this blog is what got me so excited to get my ps3. i continue to read it daily because it infuses genuine enthusiasm into its reporting. after reading too much ign, you’d think you were a damn fool for buying a ps3 over a 360 (a machine i have absolutely no interest in).

    over the last year or more, i like returning to this site because it’s truly like a community. reading posts from gary and henning, having tosh post useful mac solutions (i think it was you tosh), really everyone here, i recognize folks. i like that.

    i don’t post a lot, mostly just read the site for info and comments, but i’ve been around a while, and this site is definitely still important. so thank you, and keep it up!

  • Beaudry

    Thanks for a great post, it was exactly what I was thinking. I couldn’t believe that IGN podcast, either.

  • Steve

    I bookmarked this site before the PS3 even came out. I love the articles and comments and that’s why I stick around. I’ve been listening to the podcasts on IGN for the past month and have been getting more and more depressed. Even though I see their point on a number of issues reguarding the PS3 I still think that it continues to spread negetive news about the system which doesn’t help. The system rocks…they needs more games….but they’re coming and life will get a whole lot better for the system in 2008.

    Keep up the good work PS3Blog!

  • i haven’t listened to the IGN podcast myself, but now i won’t bother.

    i own a PS3 and of all the PS3 sites out there, this is the only one i keep coming back to. thanks to all involved for this well-rounded blog!

  • Riggins44

    This is easily the best PS3 driven site there is. I visit daily. Keep up the good work. See you online. riggins44

  • Neo218

    Very well said, i was thinking the same thing when i was listening to the podcast last night.

  • WeezZerR

    At last…a website that is not about bashing consoles (especially PS3)…Keep it up…ill be a regular here starting today.. 🙂

  • jwspiker

    yeah, that ps3 ign guy is sad sad. saw him on G4, loop, with adam and the egm editior. The egm editor was more supportive than the ps3 guy. found it a bit funny.

  • at least they get paid for thier opinions .. your a blogger they are pros .. different ballgame dont get confused.

  • IA

    “The PS3 has the absolute best lineup of games and content right now and by far the best lineup of things to come in 2008!”

    Oh my god you people are deluded!

  • Kidd

    I have a question… If the PS3 is so great why does all the videos on show otherwise? (this is not to put down the PS3, I really what to know what this website has to say!)

    Assassin’s Creed
    PS3 vs Xbox 360 Comparison (copy on to web browser)

    PS: God of War 2 is NOT available on PS3, it was released on the PS2 and will not work on the new 40GB PS3.

    Please advise…

  • Specter

    I make this site part of my morning check up. It’s good to know that this site and the people here are willing to stand up for a great system among all the PS3 haters out there.

  • ehandlr

    Well this article hit N4G. I expect it to get somewhat ugly.

  • I just listened to that total horsecrap of a podcast this morning. Shame on IGN. They just talked crap all throughout, dissing on PS3 left and right. They don’t even list all the game releases on the PS3 RSS feed, but prefer to show them on the 360 RSS.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for this–I was hoping that SOMEONE would step up and put in their place about the way they publicly bash the PS3.

    After listening to their most recent “Podcast Beyond”, I was starting to think they got a money hat from Microsoft…

  • Luke Valentine

    never said next year isnt going to be great, and il finally have some substantial games to get into for it, i was more looking at what had been said as regards the state of play right now.

    right now, the ps3 hasnt got the games.

    next year, it will, although its upsetting, and this is a cross platform point, as to how many of those exclusives are sequels. there’s only LBP there that is a newbie franchise, and whilst im giddy bout it, il have to see how substantial it is as a complete game.

    again, the next wipeout, and next god of war. im excited, god of war is one of my favourite games ever, but again its dissapointing how reliant the ps3 is on using sequels.

    not that the 360 hasnt, cough halo cough, but mass effect, bioshock, viva pinata (which id class to be in the same ball park as LBP, although criminally shelved away as a ‘kiddie’ game), gears, crackdown was a beauty, even dead rising, are all examples of truly excellent ‘new’ games.

    and for every one game developed on the ps3, theres atleast 3 cross platform that perform better on he 360. look at creed as a prime example. release dates constantly slipping doesnt help.

    again though, i stress that yeah, next year looks good for the ps3, and hopefully il finally get my money out of it, but dont discount the 360 completely. GTA will do well, regardless that it will end up on the ps3, and there are exclusives that will do fine, like splinter cell.

  • kaspario

    @fleakitten: unbiaised PS3 fans?! Something like dry water, huh? Being a fan means you have a biais, like it or not.

    As for the list of great games, I think posters should not try to make it look bigger with GOW 2 and Manhunt 2. Those who bought 40 Gb ps3 sure can’t play them… But I do agree that, for a while, GOW 2 and the rest of my ps2 collection was all that was interesting to play on my ps3. Since september, it has changed but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s the best games lineup ever. Sure, I can use those games to impress people with graphics but I can’t say Heavenly Sword and Uncharted are among my top 10 list. I’m still hoping for LittleBigPlanet to be THE reason I bought this console…

  • iFlash

    This will not end well….sigh

  • IA

    …on reflection, dying is a bit harsh – more ‘like not doing well’

    rant over

  • Darrin

    Wow, thanks for so many positive remarks on the blog everyone!! Really, thank you!!

    I’m not complaining about bias, I’m saying that the official media outlets like IGN are leaving a void for the type of quality coverage and discussion that PlayStation fans want and the amateur fan sites with genuine heart need to fill that void. That’s not whining or even defensive: it’s a good point that needed to be said.

    And I know most people, even many PS3 fans, don’t think the PS3 has the best content right now. I’m not delusional, I see the sales figures from the last year and they are disappointing. I get it. But honestly, I *do* like the PS3’s current lineup the best. I would rather play Ratchet and Manhunt and Everyday Shooter and Rock Band and EyeToy games over what is on the other systems. That’s just my small personal opinion and I’m in the minority, but my point is that PlayStation fans want coverage by people with that kind of enthusiasm and passion, not the tepid lifeless garbage that sites like IGN are good at dishing out.

    Thanks again everyone for so many wonderful positive remarks! I’m looking forward to much more!!!

    BTW, of course Manhunt 2 isn’t PS exclusive and GoW2 doesn’t work with the 40GB SKUs: every single person here knows all that stuff. I just wanted to get my main point across without rewording everything to clarify these small facts that everyone already knows.

  • san

    nice. something i wanted say. some of these idiots dont even own a ps3 and they bash it thats what pissed me off. go out and try one before you give an opinion .

  • stop crying

    come on guys stop with the b!tchin already! The PS3 is sucking balls right now, everybody knows this by now. Just spend on wii or a 360 just like everybody else is doing. Why cry about it?

  • Luke Valentine

    wait, hold up a sec. god of war 2? manhunt 2? wireless keyboards? these are examples of your cutting edge future? hmm.

    i own a PS3, fantstic for bluray, and the excellent ratchet, and looking forward to uncharted, but what then? PSN isnt as realised and user friendly then xbox live. the games that are out…well, kid yourself all you want about having the best line up, but deep down you know your talking shit. deep deep down. im not going to list games off, cos its been done, but the 360’s catalogue of games, from a quality point of view, is massively superior.

    isnt your article akin to someone been told that they have an ugly girlfriend, constantly, and finally flipping out and blindly, without sound reason, attempting to stick up for the ugly bitch?

    you can back slap all you want (i love the site to by the way) but this article is a whiney, pissy moany excuse to go on the defensive.

    so what if IGN aint hot on the ps3. they, like billions of others, have numerous reasons not to be. howcome you can create a ps3 site, because you like it, and claim not be about bashing the opinion of others, and in the same breath try and have a crack at IGN for not going crazy on a system that so far has not lived up to any of its unbelievable hype?

    i think you need to go have a big panty untwisting session, go have a game of your system seller god of war 2 (hold up…isnt that a ps2 game…) (by the way, ****ing love god of war! not so hot on heavenly sword) and try to see past your unadulterated blind faith, and let others have their opinion, ps3 friendly or otherwise

  • Kamesen

    Nicely put Darrin. I agree that I dont enjoy listening to IGN’s or GameSpot’s PS3 “coverage”. Its lame and it just shows that they are posting reviews and making podcasts because its their job, and not because they love what they do. Cheers.

  • QUOTE:

    san Says:

    November 28th, 2007 at 1:56 pm
    nice. something i wanted say. some of these idiots dont even own a ps3 and they bash it thats what pissed me off. go out and try one before you give an opinion


    I have tired the PS3… I can’t play a video game without vibe. If you still believe that PS3 is the best console out there, good luck.

    Check this video out… from

    This is one of many videos that look better than the PS3 version (well to me anyway)

    BTW, have you tried an Xbox 360? Let us know!!

  • Kidd

    Need for Speed ProStreet
    PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Comparison

    Comments please!!

  • Nelks

    I hate to say it, especially here, but I honestly agree with most of the mainstream media in regards to the quality of the PS3’s titles. System-wise, my thoughts are that it does not really matter…all that matters is games and who has great ones. And so far, the PS3 titles are far from great. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in anyway against the system. I stood in line early in the morn and plopped down my hard earned cash to get the system at launch, same as I did for Wii and 360. But the games have really disappointed me. I consider myself a hardcore gamer and really feel there are just starting to be too many good games to play. So when I do play, I try to pick the cream of the crop. In this area, I believe Sony is severely lacking.

    My response to the cream of Sony’s crop… Resistance was ok. I bought it at launch and enjoyed it, but to those who say it was phenomenal, I have to disagree. It was above average at best. Lair was horrible and to me is the perfect example of the saying “it’s not all about graphics.” Warhawk was good, I’ll give it that. But me, I am not into online only multiplayer games, so I skipped it (co-op I am into though). Heavenly Sword, again was just ok and a bit of a let down…repetitive combat, gorgeous graphics and cinematics, but super short. Goddess of War it most certainly was not. Ratchet is good, but is nothing more than the previous Ratchet games with way better graphics, which is not bad, but nothing to brag about. It was just nothing really new (I feel exactly like this about Halo 3 too. In my opinion, one of the most overhyped games of all time.)

    In regards to third party games, yes, they come out on PS3 too. But from everything I have read and seen LATELY, it’s always worse for the PS3. (not counting Wii in regards to graphics that is) Versus the 360 on many games, there are multiple issues from worse frame rates (Assassin’s creed, Half-Life 2) to non-1080p (select EA sports games). Yes, some games seem to be practically even (Rock Band), but for the most part it seems developers don’t spend as much time on the PS3 counterparts, many times citing it is much harder to develop for.

    Lastly, there is what I consider one of the biggest factors…Xbox live. I think Live is by far the greatest online service there is. Yeah, it costs $50. But compared to the offering from PS3 or Wii, it dominates. While I don’t play many online games multiplayer, I love to play co-op. Being in a game and simply sending an invite to have my buddy pop right in…fantastic. Plus, Live Arcade, the media center, movie rentals. It all just rocks in my opinion. And the interface is so easy to use. The PS store is horrible and is like navigating on a bad cell phone. If there is online components to any game coming out on both systems, my choice is always 360 due to live. And to be honest, almost all of my friends feel the same way.

    All that being said, I don’t disagree with many of the media outlets, like IGN. I truly think they are being honest and just hurting a lot of PS fanboys’ feelings. I do think Sony will have some top notch games coming…Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, FF XIII and I think God of War 3 will rock just because it’s another God of War. In fact, I still think GoW 2 is on the the best games out. Anyhow, that’s just my two cents. Here’s hoping some truly outstanding stuff comes out and lives up to its hype.

    Here’s to great games on any system!!

  • Kyre

    I own a PS3. I love the fact that it plays nice with my media server. I only have three games to my name, and none of them are the latest titles. But the demos on the Playstation Store alone are enough to keep me busy.

  • TheTwelve

    Count me in as a new reader on this site.

    I think that there is a general desire in Western Culture to root for the underdog, and after two generations of Sony dominance, people are trying to over-emphasize the Wii and 360.

    Truth is that the PS3 does indeed have the most, and the best games out RIGHT NOW. Super Mario Galaxy is, for me, a childish, motion-sick romp with N64 graphics. Mass Effect? No desire to wade through watered-down glitches. I’m currently addicted to EOJ and Uncharted.

    Watch how many of these Sony-haters in IGN, Gamespot, and other American-based review sites switch tones in ’08. I’m American, and I simply realize that Microsoft has much power and influence here, and the reviews show that.

    360 came out first. Wii is cheap. Take either of those factors away and the PS3 would be number one as we speak…but that will come with time as it’s already happening (check out Japan sales lately?)

    Anyways, I can go on and on. I’ll be checking this place daily from now on.—12

  • Xbox 360

    PS3’s online is far away from even to be considered a service… if your a hardcore gamer $60 a year is nothing… you will spend more on a Coke from a vending machine.

    As for XBL being overrated, which easier

    PS3: Calling your friend on the phone to find out what LOBBY they are in


    Xbox Live: Find your friend on your friends list, then just hit “x”

    I think you need to use XBL before commenting…. I have own all 3 next gen systems, and find XBL is ahead of the game.

    JUMP IN!!!

  • All you PS3 haters out there don’t understand one basic fact: people are different. Everyone has different tastes. While I agree that the 360 has a ton of quality games out for it, they’re not my kind of quality game. And while I have to admit that Xbox Live is a better service than PSN, the fact that PSN is free makes it trump Live to me. Your opinion may vary.

    My favourite next-gen shooter right now is CoD4. And guess what? It’s available for the PS3. I also enjoy Resistance and Warhawk. I like Halo 3, but I’d take my Warhawk+Resistance over Halo 3 anyday, especially because I can play Halo 3 at a friend’s house!

    My favourite next-gen racing game is… well there aren’t any four-player splitscreen racing games, and I really need that feature. So I’ll have to make do with others like MotorStorm. Which is very good if you don’t need splitscreen.

    My favourite action RPG is… well there aren’t any good ones, not on PS3, Wii, or 360. (I’m thinking Diablo-type game here). I bought Untold Legends but am severely disappointed by the totally broken local multiplayer. Did they even test it?

    My favourite platformer is… well I don’t like like platformers. But I hear that Uncharted and R&C are among the best, if not the best platformers on any next-gen platform.

    To sum up. The PS3 is the right choice for me. And if it’s the right choice for you, you’re welcome here. If you disagree but can respond intelligently, you’re welcome here too. If you’re just gonna be a whining crap-disturber, you’re not welcome here.

  • IA

    jesus christ, whats wrong with you people! Its like ‘ oh IGN are biased against the PS3, and so are gamespot, and so are every other respected gaming review site’. Look, face it, all that matters on a GAME console is the quality of the GAMES, and the PS3 is woeful in comparison to the 360 and Wii (helped by virtual console). Although the PS3 will have legs well beyond what it deserves (after expecting joe public to pay through the nose for the console initially) thanks to blind nationalistic loyality in Japan (who shun the 360 purely cos its deemed ‘American’) and Sony spin & plastering ads all over the telly for every single substandard game that comes out.

    Everyone forgets Sony’s hallow promises: remember the marketing and spin overdrive when everyone was made to believe Metal Gear Solid II would be the best game ever created when it was only 10% complete (and this pretty much killed off the dreamcast, depite the fact it was churning out quality titles at the time), and then it was delayed, and delayed again. finally when it was eventually released it sucked, despite everyone shunning the dreamcast waiting for this great game

    Sony massively expanded the market for videogaming granted, and they made videogaming ‘cool’ and we should be eternally thankful for that but they also brought spin, marketing and created that new market: ‘the casual gamer’ (ie people with cash to burn on the latest gadgets but haven’t a ****ing clue).

    Unfort now systems survive not on what has the best games but what has the best marketing – and sony has lost the casual gamers to the Wii now – those guys who used to own a dusty under-used PS2 with just FIFA soccer/Pro Evo now instead own a dusty under-used Wii with just Wii sports (attach rates testify to this). nintendo have been plastering the ads all over the telly like crazy but at least the wii is still trying to churn out some quality games with Mario Galaxy/Zelda/Metroid and quality retro stuff on the virtual console (although granted theres a load of crap on it too).

    No, the PS3 is not great, and no it doesnt have the greatest games – its very very far from that at the moment. but sony have plenty of time and the quality to put it right if they want to. theyre up against it for the first time in their short but impressive history, the PS3 is dying, but strong competition brings out the best in people and companies – lets see what theyve got.

  • Burten

    You said it, H!

    Keep up the good work here on PS3Blog, and let the IGN editors save their money for a PS3 sale sometime in the distant future..

  • Nathaniel

    Great Site, Great Contributors, Great Comments.

    Through this site i have been able to meet and add some great fellow gamers to my friends list, we have played some excellent games together and for me the PS3 community is a lot friendlier and open, this has really enriched my experience of on-line play. The human touch of this site is great and long may it continue.

    This is Living for me…..

  • cell989

    I agree with Purist

    People that still use Gears of War to prove a point need to chill. There are other games better looking then that now in days. Unreal Tournament 3 is just around the corner, which has superior visuals.

    Mass Effect is just another hype machine, and its success is the product of mass advertisement and PR bribes. You know for an RPG Id rather play Final Fantasy 13 when it comes out, knights of the old republic was way better then this.

    Halo 3 does not count on any XBOT’s list of nexgen games, since its really just a Halo 2, with HD support, same corridors, same shooting, same Hype.

    Hey why dont we take a look at whats considered the best of the best from each console:

    Halo 3 vs Killzone 2: well gameplay wont count because no one has played Killzone 2, but I can see the better of it in Killzone 2, since it features a cover system, dynamic gun flash mussel, specific hit points on enemy AI, realistic blood physics, and destructible environments. Halo 3 looks like a cartoon with lots of pink, blue and green.

    One more rant I must say:
    why is the PS3 coming up with way better games then the #60 did in the same time. Gears of War took more then a year after launch to come up and that was it!, but look at Heavenly Sword’s technology, look at Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank, Motor storm.

  • I’m a PS3 owner since last year and I really appreciate this blog. It provides a lot of good info, the authors and members are fairly intelligent. I first came here because I was unimpressed with the quality of the official playstation forums.

    Keep up the good work.

  • derrickgott007


    The reason Gametrailers videos show a difference is because they (Gametrailers) do not have the Full Range RGB option turned on in the PS3 display options. If you fail to turn the option on, the colors will be real light and washed out. 99.99% of these so called “Video Comparisons” are not done equally. It would be like me taking a photo and showing that photo to you, and then taking that exact same photo and coloring all over it and then showing it to you again….Of course they are going to look different, becuase they were not set equally.

  • Tom

    This is a great blog, so well done, guys. I’m not the biggest gamer in the world but I have a PS3 and have tried the other two systems (only one of which is remotely ‘next generation’) – I preferred the PS3. There are so many things that make the PS3 a great buy: built for HD gaming, networks well with my Mac, COD4, Blu Ray, Motorstorm, etc etc etc. But one thing that really gets me is that the PS3 seems a lot more future proof than the 360. I expect to be enjoying great new games on my PS3 (probably with a new hard disk in it, yes), in four years’ time. I’ll be surprised if there isn’t a new xbox already out by then… but my PS3 will still be going from strength to strength.

    I’ll finish up by saying that I’m really not a fanboy. I’m probably more of an average gamer (not enough time to play a lot, for example). But the feel of quality and longevity I get from the PS3 is reassuring. The games are coming, it’s going to be a great year.

  • mpz

    Keep up the good work – IGN lost the plot some time ago, and I just don’t bother reading it anymore. They are so clearly biased and, well, corrupted by MS’s handouts they are not worth reading at all.

    Fan sites are often the best, although sometimes they’re a bit slow at updating, but this one is pretty good. isn’t the best site (is attribution standard is terrible), but at least it tries to put a positive spin on most ps3 stories – which is a nice change from the likes of the ign dorks, so I also regularly check there too.

  • Kidd

    @ derrickgott007

    Thanks for the info… If there is an option for RGB and it is turned off the image will be in Black and White or Blank when hooked up with RGB cables.

    So im really confused right now… and don’t think that your answer is valid..

    Please advise,

  • Gibb

    Comparison videos…

    If there are glitches or bad textures, it’s either the studios that mess up with the port or the ones that made the videos. And this is what is currently hurting the PS3’s image the most (not the hardware, but the many bad ports).

    But it’s all quite normal, once the majority of developers figured it all out, it will shine (same happened with the PS2). Sony studios & other really good dev studios have already proven what the PS3 can do (R&C, Rfom, Uncharted, Warhawk, Motorstorm), and I’m confident they will keep delivering.

  • There is not much left for me to say here, except Henning, Gary and the rest of the bunch here at ps3blog: “Keep up the great work!”

    I visit this blog on a daily basis prior to check digg out for ps3 submissals.


  • Jagermo

    Damn right you are. This site is more important, because it’s not addicted to gamerpoints. You guys rock, don’t let anyone tell you anything else.