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Burnout Paradise Interview |

Here’s another interview with the makers of the upcoming Burnout: Paradise. A snippet:

The camera features are really cool. How did you come up with those?

Channon: In the past we may have just moved a PS2 game up to 360, but now we’ve made a game specific for next-gen. Part of that was using all the tech that we could and we felt that the cameras were so cool and underused.

We felt that with the features that we were putting in it could be really innovative. The fact that we’re doing social gaming and playing with you friends, that was just a great extension of expressing that.

The cameras really lent themselves well in the fact that if you’re playing with your friends, showing your crash face, showing your face when you’ve won is a great extension of that feature. Certainly I think it’s going to help push camera because it’s such a cool, fun feature.

I’m still pissed that there’s no splitscreen in this game, but it still looks like fun.

Burnout Paradise –

  • derrickgott007

    Why the hell is he talking about the 360??? WTF!!! Can a developer out there please talk about the PS3 version INSTEAD of the 360 version for once??? Damn it!

  • Ryan(jpt)

    No splitscreen! Major suckage… still buy it though.

  • This is one that will really solidify my PS3 purchase. A game guaranteed to run smooth as silk, developed for PS3 first. That’s going to be the trend going forward.