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Guitar Hero 3 Impressions |

Hey all you Guitar Hero freaks out there. I finally picked up Guitar Hero 3 last night, and guess what? It wasn’t for the PS3! It was for the PS2! If you want to know why, and see my impressions of the game, head over to YourRhythmics, where I posted an article about my experiences with Guitar Hero 2 for the PS2.

YourRhythmics – Guitar Hero 3 Impressions

  • jwspiker

    well, harmonix is the original producer of the series, and i think that should answer most of your questions. I’ll take rock band, and unless activision and RO understand the need to get their guitars to work with others, and to allow GH to work with others guitars, then they’ll never get me to buy a GH game.

  • I too think that there lies the culprit, that not Harmonix did this game, but Neversoft (amirite?)

  • Rjcc

    but you won’t be able to play it on your ps3 though, unless it will recognize the ps3 GH controller someday

  • Yeah…

  • jwspiker

    harmonix has said that they are aware of the les paul problem and are working on figuring out a solution, so the only way this doesn’t get done is if red octane won’t co-operate.

  • I wouldn’t put any stock in Activision cooperating for anything like this. Harmonix is on their own.

  • JS

    Guess we will just have to wait and see if they fix it 🙁