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Pissed at PSN |

For the warm-up. Let’s look at this new map pack for Resistance. Two maps (Axebridge and Bracknell) for $5 (minus a penny). Given that the original Resistance had a good number of maps, I won’t begrudge them charging for new maps, though I find the price a little steep. But the maps “will be available via the standard PLAYSTATION Store and not the in-game ‘Purchase’ option”. Why the heck not? Why do we have an in-game purchase option, if we can’t use it? Lame.

New Resistance Map Pack Out Today

Next up, some more vehicles and skins for MotorStorm. You get two new vehicles with three skins each, plus two new skins for the existing seven vehicle classes. Cost? $2 (minus a penny). Frankly, for a game that had not that many vehicles in the first place (and even worse, not many tracks), this is crazy. Why are they charging us for what should have been in the game in the first place? I’m getting tired of this “ship a bare bones product and then nickel and dime them to death for stuff that should have been in there in the first place” mentality! When is this gonna stop? I’ll tell you when! When you stop buying this crap and start complaining about it. I haven’t bought a vehicle pack yet, and I’m not gonna start with this one!

New MotorStorm Vehicles Out Today

  • Burten

    Allthough Gamespot and IGN have their flaws, they’re right is one thing.


    Its us as consomers who deside what kind of microtransactions there should be for a game. So if the majority dont buy the “two-newcolored-cars-for-motorstorm-pack”, the publisher WILL put their shit together and put out desent packs people will buy.

    Its the typical HorseArmour-symdrome 😉

  • Darrin

    I haven’t bought any Resistance/Motorstorm add-ons, but it’s more lack of interest than an issue of pricing.

    These add-ons are a little high, but they’re not outrageous. In general, the PSN prices seem quite fair. Everyday Shooter was eight or ten dollars (I would have happily paid twice that), that fish screensaver was $2 (not worth more than that, but fine for a novelty), GT5 preview was free. Overall I think PSN pricing is reasonable. I really want to see more high quality content. I love SSHD and Everyday Shooter, but I want more great titles.

  • I don’t mind paying for original standalone content like Everyday Shooter. I bought it! The prices are fair for that, I agree.

    I don’t mind paying for extra content either, as long as it’s extra. If I feel like the content should have been part of the game in the first place (like all the MotorStorm add-ons), I get pissed. If the game was a solid game in the first place, with plenty of content, I don’t mind. Which is why I think charging for the Resistance packs isn’t an issue.

  • I used to think all next-gen was like this: ship a buggy or incomplete game, then download patches and desperately needed content. I still do believe it’s like this in some cases. I could be wrong, as I don’t have a PS3 nor a 360.

  • Pc

    I love PSN….If you see something you think is overpriced or you don’t like it, then don’t buy it…simple as that. That’s what i do ….

  • Me too. But they don’t seem to be getting the hint…

  • ehandlr

    episodic content will be forced down our throats over the next years no matter what. Many people ARE buying this stuff and thats why its here to stay. Pretty much simple as that no matter how much we disagree..this stuff is here to stay.

  • derrickgott007

    Henning, take a deep breath and relax brother…..

    Let me explain all this….. A lot of the stuff they are releasing and charging for was NOT done or even started on when the game launched. Here is what a lot of people forget to think about. If they kept delaying the game to include these things, then the game would never come out!. If they (The Developers) keep working on a game AFTER its released, then they deserve to get paid for their work…Hence charging for additional content.

    If its reasonable, like $5.00 for the new maps then thats ok….I’ll pay $5.00 for a potentially new take on my same old game.

  • Andy

    I agree that developers shouldn’t ship bare bones games (not for $99 anyway), but I like the fact that they’re still supporting the game and trying to keep it up to date and in the public eye by releasing new content.

    There are loads of games from my PS1 and PS2 days that once I completed, they were shelved, at least this way I can keep coming back to Motorstorm and finding new things to do, and $5 isn’t really that much is it?

    I’m hoping that they start brining out new maps for CoD4 not just on the PC but on PS3 too.

  • Nathaniel

    I think the Resistance Maps are going to be added to the in game purchase menu in a couple of days. I suppose by adding them to the store first more people will see them and know they are out, i mean when was the last time we checked the in game purchase menu………

    I don’t mind the extra content and i think the prices are reasonable, the Motorstorm tracks and extra vehicles have reignited my interest in the game and given me something to aim for with the racing weekends. Most of this stuff extends the game life for those that have finished all the launch game had to offer and i think that Sony have done a good job of keeping the content flowing.

  • Boo hoo. You’re just in the mentality that everything on the internet should be free, wake up it’s not. People had to work to create that content who need paying.

    The in-game purchasing option was probably legacy due to the developers not knowing (at the time) how the DLC system would work. Its right that Sony keep a standard way of purchasing DLC across all games, rather than each having its own store. It will also make the DRM a lot simpler.

  • hollywooda

    If developers are gonna do this with half baked games they should of put Motorstorm out at 20 quid & then you wouldn’t mind paying out for the rest of the game. but Motostorm was a total rip off, no multiplayer, a couple of tracks, & now they wanna squeeze more money out of you… for what this game cost originaly these extra track & cars should be free.

  • This is the very reason that I didn’t bother to buy Motorstorm. I did rent the full game, and it was fun for a while, but once you complete the handful of tracks and play a few online games (and experience the bugs in the online component, which may or may not be fixed now), it was pretty boring, I ended up returning it early.

    If they released a Motorstorm Gold version or something, with all the bugs fixed, and all of the “extra” content then I might buy it.

  • ehandlr

    Wait for Omega Dawn for Warhawk…the extra map pack is $7.99 lol.

  • NameLess

    Some of you seem to get pissed at the most minute things. :\