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PlayStation Home Beta Videos – Full Walkthrough |

Even if the rest of use can’t get into the Home Beta at least we can see it. The character creation is pretty detailed, I’m impressed. I have a sinking feeling in my gut that the public beta of home may never come 🙁 Spring 2008 is so far away.

More videos at the link below.

PlayStationHome’s Videos

  • derrickgott007

    Someone is looking at some serious problems if Sony can track them down.

  • derrickgott007

    I’m sorry but as a Beta Tester I had to report this guy…Sorry but I take this stuff seriously. It’s not only morally wrong, he signed a NDA and then he filmed the whole thing each and every step?? I hope that SONY nails his a$$ to the wall to set an example.

  • Burten

    Yeah, its sad when BT’s do this, just sad..
    Sony dosn’t conduct a closed beta just for fun, I understand that people want do see whats going on, but ( as the song goes) All you need is just a little patience..
    Home WILL be public.

  • Jason

    I don’t see what the big deal is. If Sony was that concerned about it they would have had the screen watermarked like film studios do with screenplays. Looks cool so far. Makes me want to buy more Sony stock actually.

    How about making the bowling sixaxis sensitive like wii Sports? It would be an awesome place to meet your friends before playing COD4…Hey everybody, let’s all meet at the bowling alley around 9pm…

  • derrickgott007


    The reason those images are not watermarked is becuase they were NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE. That’s why. What part of a CLOSED BETA do you not understand? As a BETA tester, we sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) saying that we won’t divuldge specifics or pictures or video of the game until AFTER it is released or we can be punished by the court of law. It would be the same as if I walked into the HOME offices at SCEE and took all the code and design documents and gave them to Microsoft. It’s illegal….not only is it illegal, its immoral.

  • Jason

    Yeah, I have to sign NDA’s all the time in my industry. What I meant by watermark is an identifiable watermark (i.e. your name) that is across the whole screen, similar to what you would find on every page of an actors copy of a screenplay. The point is that you’ll know who was responsible for the leak and in breach of their NDA.

    In my experience, punishment can only be applied in proportion to the damage that is caused. I didn’t see IP there that hasn’t already been released to the world by Sony. I don’t really think this leak is equivalent to stealing the source code and selling it to a competitor. But this is only my opinion.

    I would think that the closed beta probably has more to do with getting productive feedback for the developers. But, Derrick you would know more about this. Do you find SCE receptive to your feedback?

  • Burten

    @ Jason :
    Sony spends lots of time tracking down the responsible, and (for the mostly) they’re kicked out as testers.
    I think its a mild punishment for leaking pictures and films.

    What would your boss do if he found out you’ve been Leaking company secrets on the web?

    I’ve been a BT since PS2 went online, and its been a blast testing new games before its release. 🙂

  • Jason

    How does it work as far as communication is concerned? Are you able to give them creative feedback or is it mainly bug reporting, with multiple choice questionaires, etc.

  • Burten


  • I have to agree. Beta Testers have an important job, and releasing screenshots of an unfinished game can really screw with a game’s launch. I understand the fanboy’s passion, but the developers have worked hard to put together a good game. Betatesters are there to help put polish to the product, not spoil it for everyone else!