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Aquatopia Impressions and Wish List |

It’s real simple. A nice, basic, one-screen fish screensaver with some basic PS Eye interactivity for $2.00. The fish are rendered nicely, and they have a few interesting reactions to people moving in front of the Eye, but that’s it.

It isn’t worth more than $2.00, there’s not much too it, but I got at least a solid five minutes of pure novelty, so I’m happy. If I can get unique five minute experiences like this for $2.00, I’ll buy them.

As is, the product is a neat mini tidbit. However, with a little more, they could make this into a really cool product. Here is my wish list:

  • The user should be able to use this like a real scrensaver. If your PS3 is sitting idle at the XMB for a certain duration, it should kick into either this or [email protected] A minor piont: this shouldn’t be listed under the games section
  • The user should be able to configure eye candy screensavers like this to run as an XMB background. Rather than have a simple static image like the current skins allow, the XMB should allow custom procedural animations like this fish tank. That would make a really cool skin!
  • It should run without the PS Eye. This is a no-brainer.

UPDATE: Fixed reference to “Aqua”. Thanks Segitz for spotting this. The Aquatopia screensaver has also gone by the name of Aqua Vita. “Aqua” is a working title for a completely different game. Both titles are published by Sony, run on the PS3, and are centered around photo realistic fish simulation. Confused? Well, I was.

We don’t know much about Aqua yet, but here is an older promising preview video in case you missed it:

  • You made an error

    Aquatopia is NOT Aqua (Working Title), it is something different!!

  • Darrin

    Thanks Segitz. Wow, it’s easy to get those mixed up. I’m glad that we may see an Aqua product that lives up to this mystique.

  • Pyrolock

    Aquatopia is very calming. and if you own a psp & eye toy you can use the camera check feature and stream live video to your psp with the remote play feature. for 1.99 us not to bad if you want to see whats up at home. or to see what the dog dose when your not home. priceless

  • babylon5

    Aqua seems just like Afrika but underwater…

    It should be called Oceans 🙂

  • Carl

    Would LOVE a animation fish tank screensaver like that!!! ;-P
    (the 1st Video)
    Hope they do one, or update that one;)
    p.s add Sea horses to!!! ;-P

  • I just bought this based on your review, and I really enjoyed it. Now I wish I could go back in time and not buy it.