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VOD coming to the PS3 in early 2008 |

If you don’t have a huge hard drive for your PS3. Better ask for one this Christmas. Starting next year Sony will offer downloadable media worldwide. No details on what it will be yet. But Japan is getting a little taste of VOD this month.

Japanese PS3 owners with Internet access will be able to download content onto their PS3 hard drives. The first offerings will be motor-racing vids and a BBC car documentary that Sony hopes will interest owners of its “Gran Turismo 5 Prologue,” which bows Dec. 13. Each download will cost about $1.85.

To kick off the service and promote the launch of “Gran Turismo 5 Prologue,” Sony is offering free downloads of “The GT-R Legend Inside Story I,” the first of a three-part docu about Nissan’s GT-R racing car. Users can download the docu free through Dec. 6. The other two parts will go online after the game’s launch.

Hopefully when the service goes live the prices will be competitive to amazon, iTunes, etc. I’d imagine it would be incorporated into Home as well when it launches in Spring 2008.

Downloadable Media Coming to PS3

  • Darrin

    I think this is really cool. I can’t wait to try this out when it hits the U.S.

    I’m probably more excited about a good music on demand service that competes with Amazon and iTunes.

  • JimmyStewart

    It’s one of my most anticipated features for the PS3. I love the 360 movie download store, but I’m itching for some 1080P content and well just more of it! There’s not exactly a huge selection on the 360 and I really think if anyone can step up to the plate and do it right, it would be Sony. Here’s hoping!

    Now if only they could get Divx out there. I think I jumped the gun buying a second PS3. Now the 360s getting Divx/Xvid tomorrow… and here I am with a second PS3… waiting. Ah well, it’ll happen eventually and in the mean time I can watch me some Blu-Ray in the bedroom.

  • Sporty

    I think we’re still way too slow here in the US (maybe even in EU) for VOD in HD.

    JP and Korea make since because they are light years ahead of us in speed, but for decent HD VOD we would need 25mb+ download speeds. So if it does launch world wide next year, it will probably be the download rental crap that 360 currently has. If it’s true instant HD VOD that would be sweet, I love that about comcast, only thing I like really, but average US speeds aren’t up to the task yet.

    I’m not interested in spending 1/4 of the price to own, just to rent a copy that takes 5 hours to download and I only have a week to see it.

  • JimmyStewart

    Wow that’s a pretty harsh stance on HD VOD. I personally find there’s little else I’m excited for, but I love watching movies and I’ve been dying for HD content. I had my first HDTV for about 5 years before actually getting anything in HD to watch on it. I guess I’m a sucker for new technology.

    I’d agree, the speeds can be an issue. But I don’t think that’s a big enough issue to destroy the concept. While it can irk people, or in your case seemingly infuriate them, I don’t really have an issue with waiting for an hour or two before my movie starts. It does require one to prepare more for watching a movie but it doesn’t really ruin much else about it. Sure I’ll be first in line to watch a movie instantly, but in the mean time I’m quite happy to download an hour or two in advance. I guess I should disclose that the nearest video rental store is over an hour away (round trip) and the cost is actually more than the 1/4 price that seems too high for a download, to me it’s a steal.

    I’d say if Sony took the plunge into this today, there would be far more people with a tad bit of patience like myself to make this worth their while. The service could only improve, but they have to start somewhere and I’m amazed they can do the service as well as they have been to date.

    (And I should point out the rental policy on the 360 gives you two weeks to watch a movie, not just one.)

  • Sporty

    Not meaning to sound harsh, I’m just skeptical on the way it will be implemented really.

    I read on another site the prices for the racing shows to roll out with GT5 in japan later this month will be about $2.00. Now that is probably only introductory price on those shows that will appeal to GT fans.

    I love HD VOD really. But I’ve been spoiled with it for a few years now and can’t live without it. But I have my doubts that Sony can compete with what I get now on Comcast. However, Comcast seems to not be trying hard on content anymore. I don’t yet have a 1080p TV, only a 1080i/720p set so I’m not effected at the lack of 1080p content on cable yet.

    The speed issue might not be as bad as I expect if they get a decent system in place.

    I stand corrected on the rental policy :D. I only tried it once with a South Park episode a long time ago.

  • JimmyStewart

    Yeah, I think it also comes from me having a lifetime HD Tivo (again, jumping into new technology) which doesn’t yet allow VOD through Comcast. Seems like a great feature, but for some reason I’d rather it went through the console. Maybe it’s because I’m slowly moving all my media viewing to my consoles. Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, now Divx… and I’m still struggling to find an easy way to get my Tivo shows onto my PS3. It’s either that, or my extreme hatred of all things Comcast.

    I get what you’re saying though. It’s really hard to compete with something like Comcast for exactly the reasons you mention. And it’s hard not to want instant video playback. I don’t think anyone really wants to wait a few hours to watch a movie. But at least with the 360 they’ve been making improvements. When the service first launched you’d be lucky to be able to watch an HD movie after 4 hours of downloading. I think last spring they released an update which cut the downloading time in half. Still pretty lengthy I know, but it’s still a pretty new concept and I think they’ll only get better at doing it.

    I guess I just figure it like this… it’s better to have the feature than not. It might not be a perfect solution yet, but it’s close enough for a lot of us. I think when a company makes a move like this we should encourage it just because it helps to give the consumers more choice and that’s always a good thing I think. At the very least it’s another feature to compete with those on the 360.

    But for now I’m off to play around with the 360s update and to keep updating my RSS feeds hoping to see word on the PS3s Divx update. I thought surely since Sony announced Divx support first they would be the first ones out the door with an update… I’ve still got hope it’ll show up in the next few days. (crosses fingers)

  • Sporty

    I guess one way for me to look at it is if Sony can eventually compete with what I have now it will finally cut the cord to get DirecTV 🙂

    I’m stuck with them for internet though, since I’m 40,000 feet from the nearest DSL CO. But VOD is something that once you have, you can’t go back.

    I agree that Sony should roll it out and let us grow with them though. When I hear Phil say things like “we don’t want to just dump content on the service until we can do it better then others” kinda upsets me. I think they should be trying harder. They have access to thousands of back catalog titles from PSX, and plenty of arcade classics publishers would be willing to ‘dump’ their titles on PSN. They can get tons of movies, TV and music and we are always 6 months away from the roll out it seems.

    If I were Sony I would try for at least 2 PSX titles and an arcade classic or 2 every week along with their normal offerings. I love how they are doing original titles like ES, SSDHD, CaC, etc, but something like Moon Patrol would rock also. And if DivX is coming, then what’s the hold up.

    Guess I’m just becoming jaded or something.