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Got my White DUALSHOCK3 |

Remember this post about pre-ordering a DUALSHOCK3? Well, I finally got it in the mail on Friday. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy playing Guitar Hero 3 and doing other sundry stuff, I haven’t had much of a chance to test it out.

This is a picture of sombody’s white DUALSHOCK3, not mine. But mine looks exactly the same. What a coincidence!


First thing I did was test it with MotorStorm. I already had the patch (I thought!) so I was ready to go (I thought!). No rumble. Hmm. Try a big crash. Still no rumble. This sucks! So I go online just in case I didn’t have the patch, and voila, there it was. Downloaded the newest patch, tried again, and great! Now I had rumble! It’s off by default, so you have to turn it on. Plus, MotorStorm also gave the option of specifying how rumbly you want things. I assume this is an effort to help save battery life.

I didn’t notice any changes to the joysticks or buttons, but then again, I haven’t played CoD4 yet since I bought it. (Because of GH3 and the stats issues they’ve been having.)

As far as weight goes, yes this thing is heavier. But you know what? I got used to the light feel of the SIXAXIS, and prefer it. It’s much nicer to hold the lighter controller, IMHO.

If I notice anything else about this controller, I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, I invite anyone else who has a DS3 (Tosh?) to please post their impressions in the comments.

  • It’s a thing of beauty. But when are they going to implement real force feedback, and not just rumbling? This smells last-gen to me, a bit.

  • The only rumble enabled game I’ve played so far is Drakes and it’s very fun. I actually prefer the heavier controller. I’m still a little disappointed that Sony didn’t go with the new rumble tech … but oh well. I’m excited to try this out with Warhawk when the patch enables it! I really wish CoD4 had rumble.

  • Specter

    I got my twin black duel shock controllers last Friday. They’re really sweet to say the least. So far they work with Uncharted and R&C ToD. I was hoping for it to work with Warhawk, and CoD4 but nothing so far. I really hope Incognito adds support for Warhawk. That game is too intense not to have it!

    I haven’t had much time to play with my other titles since I’ve been swapping between my favorite 4. I’ll have to try them out eventually. I forgot how much more interactivity the shock adds to games. Thanks for the heads up on the purchase site Henning!

  • Thank Tosh! He pointed it out to me!

    Rumble for Warhawk is confirmed to be in an upcoming patch.

    Rumble for CoD4 has not been confirmed, or even rumoured. More like denied.

  • Specter

    Warhawk rumble sounds great! Thanks guys.

  • I really hope they bring the white dualshock to this side of the pond. The more I look at it, the sexier it seems. Every shot of it make its seem just awesome looking. Who knew a color change would do such a thing? There is just something about the black buttons in a white case with the blue lettering that does it for me.

  • JimmyStewart

    Man, I really wish I imported now! I want a white controller. I’m still holding off really playing R&C until I get a hold of a DualShock 3.

  • That looks hot! I don’t really mind the rumbling, as I’m sued to playing my Cube witha wireless controller (no rumble).

  • Emrah

    I ordered mine 10 days ago which was supposed to ship in 24hours, but added also a psEye to the cart, even tho I was warned that pseye would ship in 5-15 days (I thought, heck, it would ship in 5 days..) And my order is still being delayed by psEye.. My uncharted came, and I guess I am halfway through, but without rumble because of my own stupid mistake.. (I am so far very happy with play-asia) Grrr..

  • Emrah

    Btw, I also ordered the ceramic white version, to be able to spot it a mile away without having to check the weight or the dualshock text..

  • thanks for everyone’s impressions. i’m not going to import one because i frankly don’t miss the rumble, since i haven’t had rumble for a long time– my ps2 was defective and rumble never worked on it, and i never realized it till it was way past the warranty!

    and i do like the lightness of the sixaxis. we’ll see.

    have you tried it with any PS2 games with rumble? does that work?

  • I haven’t tried it myself but I’ve heard from several sources that it does.

  • Hi. Love the site.
    I’ve also got a Dual shock 3 and I love it! Rumble doesn’t make a game, but it certainly adds to your feeling of immersion in a game. Motorstorm, Resistance have been improved immeasurably by it. Anyone missing the rumble feature really should import as it only cost £40 quid!

    Sorry about the shameless plug 😉 but feel free to look at my impressions!