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PlayStation Network Cards Hit Japan |

People have been asking for this, expecially those Europeans who don’t seem to like credit cards. Unfortunately, “this” is only for Japan right now, and “this” is PlayStation Network Cards. IGN reports:

[Sony] announced today PlayStation Network Cards, prepaid cards that can be used to charge up your Japanese PSN wallet. The cards will be available starting 12/13, the day of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue’s release, in 3,000 yen and 5,000 yen quantities. Sony has gone with a festive color scheme for the cards: red for the 3,000 yeners, and green for the 5,000 yeners.

I don’t care, personally, because I just use my credit card. But for all of you in NA and Europe who do care, I hope this card makes it way to your territories soon. There’s my Christmas wish for ya!

PlayStation Network Cards Hit Japan

  • I wouldn’t use it either. But it would be cool to give this as a gift to friend. Or to buy stuff from other PlayStation Stores like Europe, japan, etc.

  • Burten

    Gotta agree with Tosh, its much more efficient with Visa 😉
    But as a gift yo a younger nephew, or something … Maybe..

  • Sporty

    If Japan keeps getting a ton of PSOne games, these might be good to snag a few.

  • Sporty

    Just to add, I think it’s about time Sony rolls this out worldwide.

    Sure, for most of us, credit cards are the way to go. But for plenty of people these can be great gift cards for friends and for kids that don’t have access to their parents cards.