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MediaBoard Pro Impressions |

I just got a chance to try out the Logitech MediaBoard Pro.


UPDATE: In the image above, the escape key is mapped to “X” and the enter key is mapped to “O”. The actual western keyboards have the expected mappings (escape -> “O”, enter -> “X”). As Segitz points out, the above image is probably for a Japanese keyboard. Appararently, Japan PS3 systems use “O” for forward and “X” for back (kind of odd that Japan and US would have this bizarre difference).

It uses native Bluetooth wireless. No special dongles needed.

It runs on two AA batteries. There is an on/off switch at the top right of the board.

The integrated trackpad is obviously ideal for sofa use where finding a surface for a traditional mouse might be awkward. It works perfectly for browsing the PS3 store and using the web browser. I doubt it would work well for an FPS however.

Overall, it’s exactly what you would expect. There are no real big surprises or anything, but it’s light, simple, it does its job well, it’s an exact stylistic match for the PS3, and it’s a perfect keyboard for chatting, text entry, web surfing, and navigating the XMB from a couch. It’s expensive for a keyboard, Amazon lists this at $62.99 while wired keyboards can easily be found for $10, but I’m definitely a happy customer.

  • Emrah

    I know there is touchpad, but what would you suggest as a mouse, to go with the FPS’s?

  • mpz

    Pity they made such a mess of the left ctrl and alt keys. Why all the extra windows keys nonsense …

  • Darrin

    Windows keys? There are no windows keys on this keyboard. Between the ctrl and alt keys are two mouse buttons: left and right.

  • Darrin

    A good mouse for FPS games? I’m sure any wired USB mouse and Bluetooh wireless mouse would work well.

  • Sporty

    Hows the timing on this?

    I’m asking because I have a Shark Board i’ve been using ever since I was in FFXI and I know that had crappy delay on keystroke timing, even on my PS3, I had to type slow or keys wouldn’t register.

    Highly annoying. I never tried it on anything other then FFXI and XMB settings. Not sure if it was just a crappy KB, crappy design or crappy support. Some day I should try hooking that up to my PC and see if it sucks there also.

  • Darrin

    I type pretty quickly and I haven’t noticed any problems so far. I haven’t used it a lot, but so far, it works well; definitely no typing delays or dropped keys.

    Can you try a cheap wired USB keyboard with your PS3 to see if that works? FFXI is a PS2 title, so I’m not sure how that works.

  • I liked the idea of this thing, but the price is just beyond anything here in Germany. The MSRP is 69€ ($100US), which is about as much as my (Logitech) Laser Mouse and Keyboard set.

    I mean, most games don’t support it and for internet browsing it seems ok, but such a price? No

    I will look into it, when Logitech lowers the wholesale prices (which should be after christmas), so bargain stores will sell it for 40€ or even less…

  • And ADD

    In Japan PS System, X and O are interchanged in function (O is ok and X is abort, which makes sense^^)… Maybe that’s why the keyboard has “accept” on escape^^