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My PS3 Support Experience |

As I posted previously, my original near-launch PS3 died. Shortly after updating to firmware v2.0, my system would freeze frequently: usually within seconds of booting, before I could even run a game or even login. I’ve put that system through heavy use (almost constantly turned on and usually running [email protected]) and lots of physical transportation, but I gut guess as to the fatal blow was the v2.0 firmware flashing process. That’s just a guess though.

Regardless, the PS3 seems overall very stable. Out of my handful of friends and co-bloggers who own them, I’m the only one whose had any serious stability problems. A few readers have mentioned similar problems and I wanted to mention a few things just in case:

  • If your PS3 is crashing, freezing regularly, that’s not normal: call support and get them to service your system.
  • The standard Sony warranty on the PS3 is only one year. If my system was going to die on me, I’m glad it did so within the warranty period.
  • You will need your receipt or proof of purchase and all original cables to get a replacement.
  • If you need to send in your system for replacement, you typically get a completely different system in return. This means all the save games and content you had on your hard drive won’t come back. If you can back up your data before sending your system in for service, do so. Also, this is an advantage of using a separate HDD.

The whole service process was as painless as it can be. I’d definitely rather not have my system break, but I got my return in less than a week of sending my old system in.

  • Sporty

    Glad you had a smooth time.

    My PS3 hasn’t ever crashed or had a problem, which is good since I bought it 12-06-06.

    I’ve only ever dealt with Sony’s customer service once, when they sent me a demo disk that erased my memory card, got Sly Cooper free from that. Not bad since the demo was also free in the first place and the card didn’t have any saves I couldn’t live without.

    Now I’ve had to deal with MS’s support a few times, and I can honestly say if my 360 ever died I’d rather throw it in the trash then call them again. 6 phone calls, 4 supervisors, 5 e-mails and 2 promises to call me back and they never did. Problem was never solved.

  • derrickgott007

    My near launch ( jan 2007) 60gb started having problems playing ps2 games about 5 months ago. It would lose audio for ps2 games or start looping sounds on the ps2 games. Like playing Sniper Elite it would be playing the voice overs during the cut scenes and then it would keep saying “The germans, the germans, the ger the ger the ger the ger the ger” over and over during the gameplay parts. Playing Bully it would lose all ambient noises and dialog.

    Called Sony, they sent a box and I got a refurbished one in about 5 days total time from the day I sent mine off…Of course I live in Texas so that helped as they are all repaired in El Paso if I remember right.

    SONY customer service is top notch and was easy to deal with. Only thing I didnt like was that when you get your refurbished unit, all you get is the remainder of your warrranty. So my warranty runs out next month 🙁

  • yawdror

    I’ve been having the exact same problem! It just started last night after playing PAIN. Now both PAIN and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune are freezing after playing for a minute or two. I’m running Firmware v2.01, so I don’t know whether it’s the same v2.00 problems people were experiencing or not. I’m more than a little pissed. It’s also nearing my 1 yr. warranty, so I better get this resolved soon!

  • Darrin

    yadror, sorry to hear that. Try a system reset (in settings XMB menu). If that doens’t help, call support and get a replacement, try to back up your saves before you send your current unit in.