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PixelJunk Monsters |

I like Desktop Tower Defense, and I know some people that are really really hooked on it. It’s a fun game, and now those PixelJunk dudes are set to make a similar PS3 game they call PixelJunk Monsters.


It’s set to be released in January, if I remember correctly. I hope that they’re coming out with a demo too, because I’d like to give this thing a whirl before buying. Then again, the price of these things is pretty cheap…

Monster Madness

Level Up got a chance to interview Dylan Cuthbert from PixelJunk, and it makes for a good read. Check it out:

The Dylan Cuthbert Interview, Part I
The Dylan Cuthbert Interview, Part II

  • Solid_Nat

    Yep im looking forward to this one, the art direction looks very good and this type of gameplay is so addictive.

  • derrickgott007

    I’ve been playing the flash PC versions of tower defence games getting my self used to them….Very addictive. Looking forward to getting this one once I get paid again…lol

    Christmas has wiped me out!

  • Solid_Nat

    Its these PSN titles that i think really set the PS3 apart. Sure you have XBOX Arcade and the Virtual Console but they aren’t really creating the amount of new indie titles like the studios for PS3 are, i like having some other games right there on the HDD to dip into should the mood take me. Most are party games too that i can enjoy with friends which makes them even better.