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Connect PS3 to Cellphone? |

sony_w810i.jpgHoward Stringer has been talking lately. He mentioned the great sales the PS3 has been having lately, and he also mentioned … cellphone connectivity?

The world’s second-largest consumer electronics maker will hook up the PS3 with its PlayStation Portable console online before extending the links to products such as mobile phones, Stringer said in Tokyo today.

Now, I have a cellphone (the one pictured here), and I have to wonder what good it would be to connect my cellphone to my PS3. I guess I could swap pictures and music. But really, is there a real use for this?

Sony to Build PlayStation 3 Network to Increase Sales

  • John

    If it makes music download from your PS3 easy, that could be a great feature.
    I personnally do not carry an iPod or MP3 player anymore since getting my Samsung: no use in carrying another gadget around when one of them can do it all.
    But the PC connectivity is quite poor, I’ve been doing all my transfer via microSD adapter + SD port on the PC…
    Bluetooth transfer from the PS3, or download over the net would be very nice.

  • Gibb

    Well.. some quick ideas:
    – VOIP (between 2 PS3’s)
    – download game themes & ringtones
    – ability to receive messages from friends on your cell when not online (sent from PS3)
    – upload pictures from cell (was already shown in Home)
    – down/upload gamesaves/character profiles/user created content/mods (to play on other machines)

  • babyhewy

    I personally would like to use my motorola bluetooth internet connection through my ps3, for one I get my internet on the cell for free, and the connection is broadband. I can use it on my laptop with no problems, but thought it would be great for the ps3 as well, but cant find the bluetooth setup for that on the ps3.

  • gogetter

    will it help the ps3 expand the network for people on the road that want to play the game on the go? But also do u think u could find so way to hook it up to the psp or the psp3 portable