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Finally a quality Tekken 6 Video |

Kuma vs Kazuya Tekken 6
The website wouldn’t let me embed the video here. So you’ll have to click the link below to view the video. It’s a match between Kuma and Kazuya.

The graphics look amazing in this video. It’s not a HD video but it’s a very clean video. Best I’ve found. One thing I noticed is when the characters gets slammed into the ground, the crater doesn’t magically disappear like in Tekken 5 DR when they hit hammered into the ground again. So there are craters all over once the match is done. Even the sun comes out while they are fighting. Cool stuff!


  1. TekkenLover

    There wasn’t too much jump from the graphics of PS2 versions. I’m NOT impress with this.

    People who will buy this are probably those Tekken fans which I guess is diminishing. This will surely flop.

    I’m now waiting for the Soul Calibur 4.

  2. That was great. I really can’t wait for this title. Tekken 5 always had me on my toes, and I doubt this will fail to dissapoint.

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