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Finally a quality Tekken 6 Video |

Kuma vs Kazuya Tekken 6
The website wouldn’t let me embed the video here. So you’ll have to click the link below to view the video. It’s a match between Kuma and Kazuya.

The graphics look amazing in this video. It’s not a HD video but it’s a very clean video. Best I’ve found. One thing I noticed is when the characters gets slammed into the ground, the crater doesn’t magically disappear like in Tekken 5 DR when they hit hammered into the ground again. So there are craters all over once the match is done. Even the sun comes out while they are fighting. Cool stuff!

  • TekkenLover

    There wasn’t too much jump from the graphics of PS2 versions. I’m NOT impress with this.

    People who will buy this are probably those Tekken fans which I guess is diminishing. This will surely flop.

    I’m now waiting for the Soul Calibur 4.

  • That was great. I really can’t wait for this title. Tekken 5 always had me on my toes, and I doubt this will fail to dissapoint.