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I’m not Buying UT3 |

Supposedly this has been known for a while, but even following the development of the game, I’ve never come across this small little tidbit: UT3 for the PS3 has no splitscreen mode!

Colour me crazy if you want, but this totally breaks the deal for me. I was SO looking forward to getting UT3 for the PS3, downloading and installing mods, and having fragfests with my friends. But no. There’s no splitscreen, so scratch the whole actually-enjoying-the-game aspect of UT3.

This sucks.

  • Specter

    Sorry to hear that Henning. I’ve never been a fan of split screen. I always found the smaller area annoying and I would often get distracted by the other screens.

    Haze is the game for you. It will support 4 player split screen and it’s looking to be a very good title.

  • ehandlr

    I have to agree with Specter. Split Screen annoys me and I only use it when a friend of mine is over and I want to waste some time /shrugs.

  • Andy

    CoD4 also has 4 way split screen too, and that is a kick ass game!!!

  • DarkSide

    UT series are games that are reknowned for their FAST paced action. Splitscreen in this particular game genre is an annoyance more than anything else.

    But then.. I could buy a 60+ inch display.. and maybe it wouldn’t be much of an issue.

  • Parah

    I feel the same as you… I was really disappointed that it didn’t have splitscreen. However, there IS a possibility for a patch… There was a 20 page thread on Epic’s own forums clamoring about this very subject, and at the end, an Admin came in and made this comment:

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    Hi guys. We’re aware that some of our customers wanted splitscreen for the PS3 version of UT3.

    We hear you and will evaluate the feature for possible future updates to UT3.


    Enough people are getting mad about this that it just might make a difference to Epic… I joined their forums just to voice my opinion on the whole subject. You should too.

  • jwspiker

    could be worse, Activision anyone, i hear-by call for a boycott of all activision games.

  • Matt

    Unreal Tournament must be played online with others to enjoy it. The lack of split-screen isn’t a big deal. Even with your large HDTV you still will need all the the screen IMO. I really don’t classify this game with most shooters. You will either like it or hate it. Maybe get it when it gets cheaper.

  • Carl

    4player Split-screen SHOULD be in all games like this! :-/ (with BOTS)
    TimeSplitters 1,2,3 are brill in 4player;-P
    +i know no one plays it, but Quake 3 for the PS2 is AMAZING!!!
    Try it! I put it on the other day on my PS2 and couldn’t believe the graphics and speed for its day;-P +in 4player split-screen mode it looks good.
    I’ll stick to that and TimeSplitters for now untill someone bothers to include it!!!;)

  • ehandlr

    Dunno…I personally feel this game is far to fast paced to have split screen. As it is your camera spins wildly over the horizon trying to identify the sniper that is so far in the distance you couldn’t imagine being able to see him.

    This game runs like twice the speed of your normal FPS game as your character glides seemlessly over the terrain. This game moves so quick that even with a big screen yours eyes sweat trying to take in as much info as fast as you can.

    I really think splitscreen would hinder the gameplay to be honest. COD4 it works..Resistance it works…but not this game.

  • Bob Davey

    split screen actually sucks, IMHO. too small of an area to play with….not to mention you cant really use strategies, like hiding sniping etc, cause your opponent can just look over and see where you are.

  • jwspiker

    guys based upon how activision is treating Rockband players, please stay away from CoD 4 unless you already own it.

    FYI, looks like EPIC has a FaQ about the split screen functionality.

  • Burten

    Splitscreen is soo last gen πŸ˜‰

    But seriously, why cant dev implement splitscreen i car-, and FPS-games?

  • John

    I’m no fan of split screen either, but still, it occasionally comes in handy…

  • Solid_Nat

    If it can be done it should be in, i think devs are struggling with the HD tech and getting the game to still look good if split, i was playing halo 3 last night in splitscreen at a mates on his new 32″ and it looked rubbish, graphics took a real hit in 2 player, i think some devs just wont except the graphics taking a hit so they omit the option, shame really.

  • Trigga_Tybalt

    cheer up!

    source = CVG: “Meanwhile, Epic has also revealed that it’s considering adding split-screen play to the PS3 game in a future update. “We’re aware that some of our customers wanted splitscreen for the PS3 version of UT3. We hear you and will evaluate the feature for possible future updates to UT3.””

    sounds like it’ll be in eventually.

  • no fun without splittscreen :/