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New Burnout Paradise Videos |

While we are waiting for the demo to hit the PlayStation store tomorrow. Here are some new videos to keep you entertained until then. This is my next game I’ll buy 🙂

  • Does anyone else think it’s just a little retarded how long you can roll a car?

  • Solid_Nat

    Yep this is the next purchase for me, i cant wait for the demo tomorrow. Burnout’s have always been great games and been able to free roam and choose what to do is going to be amazing…. see you in the demo online….

  • Solid_Nat

    I did think at first that the showtime looked a little weird, but then i thought how cool it would be to just cause carnage and bounce around wrecking stuff…….

  • Johan

    I owned every single Burnout game… and this is the next one I will get FOR SURE. And Henning, the BEST part of the series is the fact that you can roll a car forEVEEERRRRRR. Have to agree with Solid_Nat here.

  • I’d have to agree with Henning – the constant rolling just strikes me as stupid, and is not something I can see myself doing that often.

    Though to be honest, I can’t see me getting this game. I had the first in the series, and got bored with it very quickly. Seen one crash, seen ’em all. It gets old very quickly.

    I’ll try the demo, but in terms of lasting appeal, Burnout to me is more of a £5 PSN download than a £40 full game.