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PS3Blog at MCV! |

MCV did a three part series where they feature partisan writers to represent the three major platforms in a light hearted showdown. They asked PS3Blog to represent the PS3! Thanks MCV!

Part 1: Xbox360
Part 2: Nintendo
Part 3: PS3 – By PS3Blog!!!

What do you think? Did we adequately represent?


  1. Solid_Nat

    Nice piece and great arguments. I think you summed up all the good things about PS3 now and those to come. Well done.

  2. derrickgott007

    Nice write up….Very tasteful and smart. Good job Henning!

  3. Darrin helped.

  4. Specter

    Great job guys! I think ps3blog does a fantastic job representing the PS3 for what it is. It’s easy to see why it stands out and gets noticed.

  5. Great job Darrin & Henning 🙂

  6. Tbh, I found it to be a bit too much 😀 Not that the PS3 isn’t the best console there is, but I usually am more of a humble person^^

  7. Props to all the PS3blogg contributors

  8. You forgot to mention it will be Divx Certified.
    Allows Harddrive to be upgrade with no penalties

  9. You summed up the ‘customer choices’ Microsoft promote, are actually extra cost that you have to pay to get the full system.

    It was a good little piece.

  10. Nice job! You destroyed the competition with your sound arguments. I would have also mentioned the additional cost of the HD-DVD add-on versus Blu-ray (free).

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