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Unreal Tournament 3 Meta-Review, and Mods? |

A couple Unreal Tournament 3 reviews for you today, starting with 1UP:

As for today, the arrival of Unreal Tournament 3 stands to be one of the highlights of the year for Net-connected PS3 owners. For many, this will be a fresh experience, lessening the impact of the modest mode options and lack of some fan favorites from prior versions. At the same time, the lessons learned over the years of iteration and the sparkling new graphics engine make this the latest and greatest version for fans of the series. While that experience factor also benefits the bot A.I., that shine may wear off fairly fast for those not planning to play online.

Unreal Tournament 3 Playstation 3 Review

IGN doesn’t give a full review just yet. They have an “impressions” post, where they state at the end:

In the meantime, you should know that all signs point to this being an excellent version of Unreal Tournament 3, offering a unique and enjoyable brand of FPS action.

Unreal Tournament 3 First Impressions

Good news there on the review and impressions. Now for the bad news. If you were to go out and buy the PC version of UT3 in order to put together a level for import into your PS3 version, you’d be out of luck. The tools for cooking a level for PS3 export are not available yet. On the Epic forums, they say:

However, the PS3 mod tools aren’t quite ready yet. We are working through some final legal/release issues.

When it’s ready, you will need to download the latest PC patch and another PS3 Mod Tools “patch” that adds the full PS3 mod support to the PC version.

You will have to cook ypur mods for the PS3 specifically. You will also need removable media (memory card, USB drive, etc) to transfer the mod from your PC to your PS3.

We will have the tools ready ASAP!!

So the tools are coming. Just be patient.

Edit: CVG put up three cool PS3 UT3 videos.

  • ehandlr

    Excellent game. I’m enjoying it alot. I wish there was a story mode rather then multiplayer with bots..but meh..still fun.

  • Solid_Nat

    Can we just download the mod maker for PC then create and transfer to PS3?

    I didn’t realise that i needed the PC version as well if i wanted to make my own content…… although i suppose the idea was for stuff created by PC users to be playable on the PS3 so if i can just download what other people have made then thats ok…

  • ehandlr

    You have to own both the PC version to make mods. Then they can be converted to the PS3.

  • You’ll need to buy the PC version to get the mod maker. Then, using the mod maker, you’ll need to “Export to PS3 Format”, or somesuch. This option is not available yet, but will be soon.

    And yes, you’ll be able to import mods that others have exported to PS3. So if you don’t plan to make any mods yourself, you don’t need to buy the PC version.

  • Kensu

    Would you guys say this is worth it if I already have Warhawk and COD4? Games are expensive, and they are in the same genre.

  • ehandlr

    I have Resistance, COD4, Halo3, UTIII and getting Haze next month and I still think this game was worth getting. I don’t even like FPS/TPS games that much. I’m an RPG gamer myself.

    this game is very quick paced and I think requires a little more skill then alot of other fps games.