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Burnout Paradise Rumbles |

GamePro took a look a the Burnout Paradise demo and had this to say:

We downloaded and compared both versions side-by-side this afternoon, and after a cursory inspection, here’s what we know. The PS3 version looks shinier. The Xbox 360 version has rumble. So its pretty much a wash.

Which is great. Except for, well, the fact that it’s wrong. 🙂

The Burnout Paradise demo for the PS3 rumbles too! You just have to have a DUALSHOCK 3, like I do, to notice. It’s especially noticable on the train tracks.

All in all I thought the demo is great. It’s not one of those play for five seconds kind of demos. It actually gives you a pretty good impression of what the final game will be like. I especially enjoyed using the e-brake to spin myself around.

Sometimes, though, it’s a bit confusing. I got online with some other people without really even meaning to. (I was trying to check my friends list.) And then I got taken down six times in a row but some dweeb who wouldn’t leave me alone as I was trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

But I have to say I like how integrated everything is. No main menu to navigate, you just go straight into the game. Awesome stuff.

  • Solid_Nat

    Yep the demo is possibly one of the best i have seen for giving you a fair amount of space to burn around in, supporting online play and showing off the game. I did a similar thing, joined an online game then just burned around without any real idea of what was going on….. i think this is going to be massive and the PS3 hasn’t been shafted with a dodge port this time…..

  • derrickgott007

    The demo also has support for USB racing wheels with FFB.

  • The Trailer of Burn Out is very promising. I think burn out could be a succes

  • derrickgott007

    I have a few issues with it so far…. If I get up behind someone and start pushing them, trying to spin them out, it credits them with a take down?? What the heck? Also, I’ve T-boned PARKED rivals and they’ve gotten the takedown.

  • PS3

    burnout rocks the ps3.. this game is amazing.. it’ll be definitly a great game..

  • Darrin

    The earlier Burnouts also support rumble + force feedback with Logitech wheels. I haven’t personally had the chance to hook it up to test Burnout Paradise, but I bet it will work.

  • Johan

    I downloaded the demo and played it last night. Started at 11pm when I got home from work… and was intending to play 30 mins or so…

    I stopped playing at 2am.

    God I love the Burnout series.

    The main quibbles I had with the demo: Since they have only a couple events (3 I think?) I had a hard time at first finding them. I was stopping at every light just to see, “Event locked in demo”. Which was a bit frustrating. Also, I remember distinctly that taking down cars from behind was doable in the previous games (aka turboing into someone). Now, I wreck. I hope Burnout isn’t turning into a real racing game!!! :-p

    Still, this is a definite buy in Jan, esp. considering all traffic lights start events… and there were PLENTY in the demo that I couldn’t use. Imagine the WHOLE CITY. w00t!

  • John

    First Burnout game for me, found it interesting, in a car-oriented GTA kind of way (I know, I know). Plays well, no porting issues apparently!

  • Ryan(jpt)

    Loving this demo, apparently there is going to be stuff added to it ( like the GT5 demo) as we get closer to release of the main game!

  • mpz

    After i remembered to turn on the powerpack on the old logitech wheel i have … i forgot it was a ‘ps3 with no rumble’.

    Drifting with the normal brake isn’t as easy/satisfying as it was in burnout 3, and the handbrake is a pain to use at high speed. Also, when you drive slowly off a ledge it tends to fall flat (i.e. wheels first), which for something which seems to have made the crash physics a lot more realistic seems a little out of place. And sometimes scraping things cause a crash that seems out of proportion with the impact – e.g. scrape another car at high speed and suddenly you’re doing end-on-end flips.

    A lot of the ground textures are pretty low-res, like the service station tarmac – but it’s only a demo and you don’t see it when you’re going fast.

    In the race event the opponents seem to zig-zag too quickly across the road from left to right. It looks a little unrealistic/farcical, but I guess it follows the same physics your car does. I dunno it seems to reduce some of the feeling of competition against the cars – maybe with the alternate routes everyone can take – and it’s more like you’re racing against the clock.

    Having said all that – it’s mostly nit-picking. Crashes look fantastic, the game should fill out a lot more with events at every traffic light – the problem of having to go back to the start should mostly be mitigated and provide a lot more variety. And having no load times (the world streams right?) will be absolutely ****ing fantastic. And … no bloody tearing either!

  • i’ve never played any of the previous burnouts (mainly because i suck at racing games and don’t find them too interesting), but the demo is intriguing. i love that you can go online even in the demo! haven’t tried that yet, though — i’m too chicken for that still 😛 and i have to admit i got really confused at the one event i tried.

  • I really enjoyed the demo so I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying this next month. The coms quality is very good aswell.

    Should be a lot of fun online with friends next year!