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2007 on PS3 with the YV clan |

Here’s a nice video that shows some of the great games my clan mates and I have been playing throughout 2007. Not all of the games that we played are showcased but I hope you enjoy it. The video handy work is down to Samus. Great stuff!

It’s been a great year for the PS3 and we’re all looking forward to what should be an incredible 2008.

Look out for’s end of year round table aswell, coming soon. It should make some interesting reading. 🙂

PS3 2007 with the YV clan

  • KatanaStrikes

    Awesome wowsome!

    Fantastic vid with great editing. Sony should have this as an ad. 😛

    Been a great first year, and this shows just why.

    Nice one peeps!

  • Dav! 😮


  • Solid_Nat

    Great vid from a truly great clan, i can speak from personal experience of playing some great games with these guys, bring on 2008!

  • Great video, shows how many great games have come out this year. And 2008 will be great too!

  • Thanks for posting it Gary! Also, cheers for the kind comments above. My first video without tagging. Ha!

  • Kamesen

    Great stuff.

  • I’d just like to add that I don’t love maths! Thanks. 😀

  • Joe

    I especially like the music!

    What’s this song ? Sounds like a game or motion picture soundtrack.

  • I know that Nightwish does a version of that song. I thought it was theirs until I heard it here. Now I’m not so sure…

  • Joe

    It might the original version of “Walking in the air” of “The Snowman” as he sounds like a boy.

    Unfortunately the soundtrack is out of stock at amazon.