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Customisable Soundtracks with Super Stardust: HD |

The EU version of Super Stardust: HD has some cool new features. You will need to delete the version you already have and re-download it from the Store or under Account Management if you already own it. If you haven’t bought it yet (you really should) just go ahead and buy it!

I’ve personally checked it out for myself so all these features should be available if you re-download it or buy it:

– Customisable soundtracks! Located under Audio Options – Customisable Soundtrack. You can play multiple songs from a previously created folder on shuffle. 8)

– Online Store now available. There are two expansion packs: Single player expansion and Multi-player expansion, both priced at £2.49. Neither available yet

– Smaller file size. Now down to 148 MB from 299 MB.

– Statistics go into a lot more detail

– Controls layout appears when you start a new game, as opposed to looking through the options

– Loads of little graphical changes. Your ship looks different and it leaves a gold trail behind it. There are other little changes aswell but nothing major

Pretty awesome! Buy Super Stardust: HD if you haven’t already! 😀

  • Has NA changed too? I would love to use some of my own techno while playing this game 🙂

  • I’d be interested to know if the NA version has changed aswell. Maybe if someone can check the Store and see if the file size has changed to 148mb then it should mean it’s changed.

  • NA is still 300 megs

  • Sporty

    I can’t wait for this update.

    SSHD is probably the best online purchase I’ve ever made on a console. Multiplayer expansion is interesting, can’t wait to try this online. And single player would rule if they have more planets.