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Last Friday at work we had our Information Systems department LAN party (the image above is the department Christmas card I made). We had three PS3’s, and one 360, all running on projectors. Sadly they are all 480i projectors, but it was still fun. After I had the PS3’s set up, I tried to get them all connected so we could have a massive Warhawk battle. I was kind of bummed that the Omega Dawn booster pack wasn’t out in time for the LAN party though.

We have a huge Ethernet hub at work. So we connected all the PS3’s up to that, but the weird thing was the PS3’s couldn’t see each other. The PS3 basically said, I need the internet, where is it? Luckily I remembered that in the office next to us, they had wireless. So I tried that and it worked, and we got all the PS3’s to connect to each other that way. But I think it’s pretty stupid that you “need” the internet just to play a LAN game … at least with Warhawk you do.

Anyway, once we had them all connected it went very smoothly. At one point we had all the PS3’s running Warhawk. We only had 7 people playing Warhawk at once, but it was possible to have a total of 12 people on three PS3’s. We had enough controllers, but not enough people. I like how you can jump in and out of Warhawk on the fly. Great feature, wish more games used it.

But the big hit of the night was surprisingly PAIN! I loaded that up on my PS3 and had a few people try the multiplayer on it. There was 3 modes: Horse, Bowling and a mode where you see how many explosive boxes you can hit. They played that for a couple hours, constantly laughing. It was a great party game! A couple people said they would buy a PS3 just for PAIN, lol.

I tried Rainbow Six Vegas & Call of Duty 4 via LAN. And you can only have one person per screen, which got old quick. But we jumped online with CoD4 and invited the other PS3’s into our party, that was fun! After a while I tried out Rock Band on the 360. I’ve never tried those games before, took some getting used to of course, but very fun. I used to play DDR a lot so the concept was similar. So I picked up on it pretty quick. A couple times in the night the 360 had trouble reading the rock band DVD, had to reset the 360 and clean it off to continue. I’ve never had that issue with the Blu-ray discs, which I like 🙂

Through out the night people tried various demos and PSN games. We started at 5:30 and went until 11:30. It was a fun night.

  • MetalProxy

    Sounds like you had a good time. You must have alot of controlers. Did you show off thee new rumble feature?…. Its to bad nothing like that would happen at my job. 🙁

  • I didn’t show off the rumble really. Warhawk hasn’t been enabled for rumble yet. Not sure if PAIN rumbles or not, I think it does. But I don’t think they where playing with the DS3, it was hard to keep track of, lol.

  • Sporty

    I could be talking completely out of my ass here since I haven’t looked into it. But I think the reason you need a net connection even for lan is PS3 online is set up as server/client. Not Peer 2 Peer. So basically everyone on your lan is a client still. Some games (like UTIII) might be able to play in server mode though, haven’t tried it myself.

  • Hey….i was wondering if you could tell me how you connected the PS3’s…my friends and i want to have a big battle on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare!!!…Please HELP!!!!

  • Well I used the wireless in the building that was connected to the internet. Then the PS3’s can see each other.

    How many PS3’s will you have?

  • Andrew

    2… do i get the PS3’s to find each other

  • You’ll basically need a router that connected to the net. Then connect the PS3’s to the router by either wired or wireless and your set.

  • Tyler

    Are you able to use the split screen feature on Call of Duty with the Lan party?

  • Sadly no …. 1 per screen. Warhawk is the king of LAN party’s, soo easy to jump in and out.




    Good question. I’m not sure. Can anyone answer this?

  • we are in japan in military barracks and we haven’t found a way do do a wireless lan party yet with the ps3’s.. we have 5 ps3’s in proximity all connected to the router, but the only way play works is if you go online with a private game. then, invite your friends. but, only one player per screen… if anyone can think of an idea to make the lan party mode function wirelessly it would be great.

  • Sockadueblue

    Yes you can run a Lan with your PS3 without being online for COD Modern Warfare 2. I am in Iraq and I hooked up a LAN in our LSA. I use a belkin router with a 24 port Linkey’s Switch one person has to start the game then everyone else joins the game. But you do have to look in the upper right corner of the screen to see the version number of the game some of us had to update to beable to play against everone else in the area. Does anyone know how to set up names while playing COD on a LAN cause everyone just shows up as player so we dont know who is who and also the blue toth doesnt work either any suggestions?

  • Martin

    Hi, I’m going to throw a LAN party at my house with two of my friends. We’re going to play against each other (I’m going to place and install a router in the living room), but what if we want to play online with the three of us? I’m using a PS3 and we would all like to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 online at the same time. Is this possible. The router won’t be used for anything but our LAN party.

    • You can’t all play against each other via a local LAN sadly. But you could use the router to connect all the PS3’s online and meet together that way. Or least I assume you could.

  • Kaz

    Sockadueblue- You figured out that name change or the bluetooth thing by any chance? I am currently in Afghanistan and we have the same problem… Not sure what the deal is. What kind of bluetooth devices are you using too? We have just generic ones, not the PS3 ones.

  • tyler canadian

    hi im trying lan party 3 ps3 with out an internet connetion. is it possable? because it wont let me join my buddies party.

  • tyler canadian: hi im trying lan party 3 ps3 with out an internet connetion. is it possable? because it wont let me join my buddies party.  

    Ya, you need to connect all the ps3’s to the net and connect like normal.. sadly.