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Jan 08 Official PlayStation Magazine Surprise |

Metal Gear Solid 4 & Metal Gear Online (MGO) will be one game. MGO will be integrated into MGS4. Online will support 16 players in the following modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Team Sneak. You can customize your character with up to three skills from a large selection. A couple examples are “Marathon” which allows you to run faster or longer (not sure), and “Narc” which reveals the location of the enemy trying to kill you. They’ll be over 100 different weapons you can use online.

The magazine includes a 2008 PlayStation calendar, nice too. There are some tips to creating custom classes in Call of Duty 4 as well.

But the biggest surprise is the photo below!

MetalProxy noticed that my Kanji Theme was in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, Jan. 2008 with MSG4 on the front! I’m on page 11 in the bottom right. Here is a scan of it, click on the image for the full version.

  • Congrats!

  • Awesome Tosh! Well done. 😀

  • Mike

    THANK GOD they are doing this. We know the single player will be great, but they also have a chance of turning this into the next SOCOM if they do the multiplayer right. Putting it all into one package is the right thing to do. Kudos, Konami.

    Also, good job with your theme, looks very cool.

  • MetalProxy

    Iam extremly excited about MGS4 story and online mode… How did you get that stuff in that magazine? Did it come out of the blue?…I like your Studio Ghilbli theme alot more than the Kanji theme. Its one of my top five themes. Maybe cuz Iam a anime feind lol.

  • I had no idea it was even in there until you mentioned it! 🙂 Ya the Studio Ghilbli is still my favorite I’ve made so far. My GF really likes it too. She’s a huge fan of those movies too. We even made a snow totoro a couple weeks ago 😛 Click here for a photo

  • Yeah congrats Tosh. Also very nice Totoro.

  • Darrin

    Congrats Tosh! Very cool!


    time to start the wikipedia page 😉

  • I couldn’t believe when they told me that my INKmess Theme was showin in PSM, until I saw this scan. WE got lucky, damn this is quite a surprise for me too. Thanks for the Scan.