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PS3 Firmware 2.1 is Out |

The rumors were right. PS3 firmware 2.1 is released. Features:

  • Blu-Ray 1.1 Support. This supports Picture-in-Picture and other enhancements
  • Support for DivX and VC-1 WMV movies.
  • Voice changer

From the comments:

(Sporty) Videos now properly show thumbnails.
(alisound) Xvid/.avi works. Older .wmv files don’t.


  1. just a “Second” to alisound. Xvid encoded with mencoder runs really quite well.

    I just wish they’d add support for ATSC MPEG2 video + AC3 audio from a media server.

    I have a mythtv box and I’d love to use the PS3 to play back video from it but it only plays the video, not the audio.

  2. So,

    I don’t get Sony with this. Why didn’t they announce this? It is one week before Xmas and they do not announce the new FW beforehand? Divx is a really nice feature and should have been advertised!! Why didn’t they?

  3. Where the hell did that Earth visualisation come from? Played some Arcade Fire this morning and was treated to a stunning sunrise! Great Stuff, was this new with 2.10?

  4. Yeah the Earth thingy is new in 2.10. Still haven’t seen a complete list of all (small) updates that are included…

    Cool though πŸ™‚

  5. I am guessing we can’t load subtitles for our divx movies?

  6. Some guys over at onAXIS found some hidden changes:

    Hidden Change #1: When you launch your browser, the background stays as your XMB background.

    Hidden Change #2: Movie icon motions now work when they are categorized into folders.

    Hidden Change #3: Space images were added to the music visual player. (like Mal mentioned in the comments above)

    Hidden Change #4: A commenter reports that you can now play PSone games on the PS3 HDD through remote play with your PSP.

  7. ehandlr

    There are a few Divx files or Xvid that don’t work. Like I can play Naruto Shippuuden from Dattebayo..but Bleach will not play.

  8. chrysostom

    I wonder why we have the 2G limitation and does it apply to both WMV files and DivX files?

  9. The 2GB file size limit is something not too odd, I find. There are certain filesystems, that have problems handling big files (most notably Fat16 and 32, but also ISO9660 etc.)

  10. chrysostom

    Segitz, the PS3 is supposed to have the next gen OS… and the 2G file size limit is just so 2004-ish..

  11. the file size limit is weird, especially since FAT32 can handle 4GB files.

    going to download the update now!

  12. I hear you can download stuff directly from to your PS3 to view πŸ™‚

  13. johnlobo

    It seems for what I’ve read in a Spanish forum (–12-07_910754?pagenumber=3) that the 2G limitation is due to the kind of divx license acquired by Sony.

  14. who cares about the 2.0GB limit. this can handle this!

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