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PS3 Firmware 2.1 is Out |

The rumors were right. PS3 firmware 2.1 is released. Features:

  • Blu-Ray 1.1 Support. This supports Picture-in-Picture and other enhancements
  • Support for DivX and VC-1 WMV movies.
  • Voice changer

From the comments:

(Sporty) Videos now properly show thumbnails.
(alisound) Xvid/.avi works. Older .wmv files don’t.

  • MrAkai

    just a “Second” to alisound. Xvid encoded with mencoder runs really quite well.

    I just wish they’d add support for ATSC MPEG2 video + AC3 audio from a media server.

    I have a mythtv box and I’d love to use the PS3 to play back video from it but it only plays the video, not the audio.

  • So,

    I don’t get Sony with this. Why didn’t they announce this? It is one week before Xmas and they do not announce the new FW beforehand? Divx is a really nice feature and should have been advertised!! Why didn’t they?

  • Mal

    Where the hell did that Earth visualisation come from? Played some Arcade Fire this morning and was treated to a stunning sunrise! Great Stuff, was this new with 2.10?

  • p3ngu

    Yeah the Earth thingy is new in 2.10. Still haven’t seen a complete list of all (small) updates that are included…

    Cool though 🙂

  • Emrah

    I am guessing we can’t load subtitles for our divx movies?

  • Some guys over at onAXIS found some hidden changes:

    Hidden Change #1: When you launch your browser, the background stays as your XMB background.

    Hidden Change #2: Movie icon motions now work when they are categorized into folders.

    Hidden Change #3: Space images were added to the music visual player. (like Mal mentioned in the comments above)

    Hidden Change #4: A commenter reports that you can now play PSone games on the PS3 HDD through remote play with your PSP.

  • ehandlr

    There are a few Divx files or Xvid that don’t work. Like I can play Naruto Shippuuden from Dattebayo..but Bleach will not play.

  • chrysostom

    I wonder why we have the 2G limitation and does it apply to both WMV files and DivX files?

  • The 2GB file size limit is something not too odd, I find. There are certain filesystems, that have problems handling big files (most notably Fat16 and 32, but also ISO9660 etc.)

  • chrysostom

    Segitz, the PS3 is supposed to have the next gen OS… and the 2G file size limit is just so 2004-ish..

  • the file size limit is weird, especially since FAT32 can handle 4GB files.

    going to download the update now!

  • I hear you can download stuff directly from to your PS3 to view 🙂

  • johnlobo

    It seems for what I’ve read in a Spanish forum (–12-07_910754?pagenumber=3) that the 2G limitation is due to the kind of divx license acquired by Sony.

  • Papo

    who cares about the 2.0GB limit. this can handle this!