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New CoD4 Patch |

Riggins44 pointed out the link by 402 about the new CoD4 patch.

Hey Everyone —

I wanted to give you a heads up on the PS3 Connectivity patch for the PS3 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This is the patch that will improve matchmaking, connectivity, and optimized performance for you guys when playing online.

The PS3 Connectivity patch will be hitting in the very near future. The PS3 (exclusive) Connectivity patch will include:

US Data Center For NAT Server
Will make all US players connect to US data center and EU users connect to EU data center. This will optimize performance for all users in those areas.

Fixed ‘Downloading Game Settings’ Error
Fixed error with conflicting packet interaction.

Port 3095 Issue Corrected
Players were required to have port 3095 open in order to host. Now players who have port 3095 blocked can still host matches.

Matchmaking Optimization
Server search will end upon acquiring a certain number of good servers. Added “prefer” servers with best ping, this will optimize and expedite players finding and joining good matches.

This is the first patch, addressing connectivity issues, there will be a future patch that includes several more multiplayer enhancements but won’t be here until well into the new year. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks guys.

I tried it last night and it works great for me, though I’ve heard some people have had problems. When I searched for an HQ match I was caught off guard by how quickly it found a match. No more waiting around! Woo-hoo!

Can anyone explain how the server hosting works? How do you know if you’re the host?

Charlie Oscar Delta

  • I played this a little last night. I did notice I got into matches much faster than before.

  • alisound

    is it available in the uk? havnt been able to join a match since the day it came out….. untill the early ours of this morning when it seemed to work fine. dont remember seeing it downloading a patch though? does it do it in the background or do you definately know if its downloaded ?

  • You’ll definitely know.

  • Emrah

    “Will make all US players connect to US data center and EU users connect to EU data center.”

    I have the US version, but I live in Turkey, closer to EU. I hope the game considers phyical internet address for deciding about the data center..

  • Lifendz

    Still need to add a mute option. Last night some jerk forced subjected us to Avril Levigne or whatever the hell her name is. It’s those damnnnnnnn colddddd nights……trying figure outttttttttt this lifeeeeee……

    sorry but it’s stuck in my head.

  • alisound

    anyone know if its out in the uk?

  • It wasn’t when I played it last night. I haven’t tried it today yet.

    My kill ratio is up to 2.01 now. 8)

  • alisound

    this sucks, back to never being able to play this god damn game! since release i have managed to join a total of 3 games! when is the patch coming out in the uk?

  • Emrah

    I applied the patch today, and the game is now unplayable in multiplayer. I guess because it forces me to connect to us servers, the games I join have now “1 tick” connection, in the red. Before, it was either 4 (the best) or mostly three. The multiplayer is effectively dead for me, and the game is absolutely ruined. Sigh.

  • hawaiianguy

    um to host u gotta find a game. if it still searches for a while u will become a host. then u have to wait/invite people to the game. i live in hawaii so i dont get 2 host many matches. also the host has to have good connection to have a good match were it wont lag in certain lvls

  • Hooooa

    PS3. Iam ain´t getting the issue that when I choose to join team deathmatch, can I see above my name is displaying “trying to join potential matches” After this Nothing happens……..Sometimes it even rollback to “getting match quality” and then to trying to join………. What can I do beside waiting an hour on getting on a game? PS3