New Folding@Home Features Coming Soon [Update]

Ever thought to yourself, I wish the PS3 would shut itself down after it completes a work unit. Well now you can. With Folding@Home 2.1 will come a few new features. You can choose to automatically shut down your PS3 after a work unit completes and uploads the results to Stanford University. Or you can choose to have it shut down after so many hours. Pretty handy.

This holiday season you can now play music while running Folding@Home. Now you can entertain your guests and tell them your helping cure cancer at the same time.

Good to see more PS3 games and application taking advantage of using customisable soundtracks.

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New Folding@Home Features Coming


It’s now available, just run Folding@Home and you’ll be prompted to upgrade

Written by: T0SH - Cofounder of

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