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Operation Omega Dawn is out now |

After I downloaded the new Warhawk 1.2 patch I noticed there was a PlayStation Store within Warhawk and it had Operation Omega Dawn in there. So I bought it instantly and it worked. It’s out early, go grab it! 🙂

I played a little this morning before work. I never got a chance to jump in a drop ship, but I did fight against one. Main it’s tuff, but very fun.

Also Warhawk now rumbles! 😀

Here is a trailer for the new Warhawk Game Add-On

Check out the PlayStation Blog for a FAQ on Warhawk: Omega Dawn


  1. Specter

    My only gripe is that I’m at work and I got another 7.5 hours to go!

  2. They still need to implement squads and remove PTT, in my personal opinion.

  3. Downloading it now 😀

    6€ might be on the higher side for one map, but as WH was a cheaper game, I think, it’s worth it.

  4. i downloaded the new update and now nothing will show up on my screen when i turn on the game whats up

  5. Try deleting the game data (not your save file!). And boot it up again.

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