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12/20 U.S. PSN Update |

(See a montage of the PS Eye software on PSN here)

Regurgitating official PlayStation blog post:

Downloadable Games

  • Toy Home ($9.99)
  • Snakeball ($9.99. free demo available)
  • Trials of Topoq ($4.99)
  • Mesmerize: Distort ($1.99)

Add-On Content

  • Warhawk: Omega Dawn ($7.99)
  • Folklore Holiday Add-On (free)
  • Motorstorm Holiday Skin (free)
  • Guitar Hero III Holiday Song (free)
  • High Stakes Poker Add-Ons (free)
  • Rock Band Songs ($1.99/song)


  • BlackSite: Area 51.

PS1 Classics

  • Warhawk (PS1 version, not PS3) ($5.99)

Plus a ton of game videos, movie trailer, ps3 themes, and a wallpaper.

There will be no update next Thursday due to the holidays, although I think this easily makes up for it.

Someone better post impressions of the downloadable games. I am traveling for the holidays, so won’t have a chance to try these for a few weeks.


  1. Well I tried Snakeball demo for the 4 training levels, not too interested. Might get better after the training levels but didn’t hook me enough to buy.

    Sweet that they have Warhawk now, Some day I need to get some PS1 games form PSN.

    Don’t have Rock Band or Folklore, but grabbed the Motorstorm add on, since it was priced right 😀

    Kinda sad we have no update next week, hope they do a x-mas surprise like last years GTHD.

  2. Can the PSEye be bought independantly from Eye of Judgement?

  3. Yes it can. I got mine from Amazon. Click Here

  4. derrickgott007

    Wow, can the Blacksite Area 51 demo be any shorter? Right about the time you start to understand how it works, BAM!!! Fade to black…demo over.

  5. Thanks Tosh, but doesn’t ship it to Europe, and Euro-side they are sold at a 1$ = 1€ rate… and none of the usual online discounters here have it.
    I guess I’ll wait a bit more.

  6. 25£ is like 34€… or 50$ (US price is 33$…)

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