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PS3 UT3 Gets First User-created Mod |

As Darrin pointed out in the shoutbox, UT3 has its first user-created content. It’s a small multiplayer map called DM-Shrine, created by a modder for the PC.


It looks like the Epic folks took this map and baked it for the PS3 for our enjoyment. So the question becomes: how does one import this map into UT3 on the PS3? Here are the steps, right from Epic:

  1. Unzip the file to the root directory of any memory card that is readable by your PlayStation 3. It is already in the proper directory structure but, just in case, the path and filename need to be: ps3\savedata\blus30086-modimport\userdata.jam
  2. Boot up Unreal Tournament 3 on your PS3
  3. Go to the “Community” menu
  4. Choose “My Content”
  5. Press the [SQUARE] button to “Import Mod”
  6. Follow the directions on the screen to import it from your memory card.

I’m a bit confused by the first step which says to use the “root” directory and then gives an example that is not the root. Oh well.

Have any of you who own UT3 on the PS3 given this a try?

UT3 on PS3 Gets First User-created mod

  • Specter

    Hmm, you don’t have the back slashes in your path description. It threw me off until I saw the original instructions: The path is: ps3\savedata\blus30086-modimport\userdata.jam

    Just in case the processing behind this form uses escape methods to filter out the back slashes it’s: ps3 (back slash) savedata (back slash) blus30086-modimport (back slash) userdata.jam. I’ll give this a try this weekend and see what this map is made of.

    Mods on the PS3 – Good stuff

  • Fixed. Thanks!

  • Oh, and BTW, you don’t HAVE to use a memory card. You can also use a USB mass storage device like an iPod.

  • mpz

    Unpacking in the root directory – is because the zip file contains the full directory structure. So if you unpack it from the root directory it will get placed in the right location. The way it is written makes this fairly clear.

  • Sporty

    3 more Maps and Mutator mod have been released since this post

  • John

    Now that’s nice. This makes it clear that whatever or whoever is holding back the release of mod making tools isn’t Epic.