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UK PS Store Update 27/Dec/07 |

A small update today, I don’t think the US Store is getting any new content today though.


The Club

Super Stardust: HD

That’s it.

The Club should be nearly finished for me, last time I checked it was at 94%.

  • derrickgott007

    Can you give a review of The Club for all us NON HDMI Americans with NTSC tv’s?

    ( I can not download the demo because its a PAL demo, and without HDMI I can’t play it)

  • The SSHD “demo and update” also works for gamesharers with a different account^^ Nice one.

    And, the The Club demo is not available in either the German (Ok, not much of a surprise here) or Austrian store… Lazy Sony 😀

  • ehandlr

    I downloaded the club but have not played it yet. Its confirmed that SSHD update works in NA? I’ll have to download that.

  • The Club is pretty average from what I’ve played of it.

    If you like simple no brainer 3rd person shooters then you may like The Club.

    Graphically it’s average, the gunplay is average, the controls are OK but I have to disagree with R2 as primary fire.

    Every shooter I’ve ever played from the PSOne days has used R1 as primary fire and that’s the way every shooter should be.

  • Ryan(jpt)

    If you enjoy racers i think you might like The Club. Bizzarely. It’s like a Burning Lap on Burnout,(perfect run through the course) but with guns. Not my cup of tea.

  • Burten

    It got an intresting consept, kill as many as you can in the coolest way while moving from A to B.
    To strech the cargame-simularity further, you also pick the dude you’re based on strength, stamina and speed.

    But as Gary points out, its an averange 3rd shooter.

    I also fumbled with the controller (R1 vs R2, L1 vs L2..), but I guess thats just old habbit.

    Nuthing much to write home about, cool consept but anerage made, I toss this one in the .. average bin!