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Yakuza 3: Japanese Trailer 2 |

I hope this game gets released outside Japan 🙂 It would be so fun to walk around Feudal Japan in the year 1605.

You can also download it in HD here:

Quicktime – 120.7 MB
WMV 720p – 112MB


  1. ehandlr

    This game is definetly coming to NA and other areas. They are localizing Yakuza 2 as well now.

  2. As long as localizing doesn’t mean “mutilating the original voices with dumb voice overs”, but does mean, adding good subs, I’m happy.

    I hate voice overs so much and that counts for any language that gets dubbed.

  3. I’d very much prefer the originals with subtitles, like sl33py. At least have that option, we got blu-ray, right?

    One thing I noticed is that the variety of face models. Every character has very distinct facial features. Very beautiful..

  4. Yakuza 2 and 3 in 2008! Oh yes! 😀

    The fact that Yakuza 3 has Musashi-san as the lead character puts Yakuza 3 into my top 3 most wanted along with DMC4 and GTA IV.

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