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What’s in the Resistance Update? DOWNLOAD NOW!

UPDATE: I’ve just tried Resistance online and it asked me to download the update! I will let you know if Map Pack 1 is available once it’s downloaded. It took just over 12mins for the download to complete.

I’m now downloading Map Pack 1 (312 MB) which cost me £2.99.

I’ve posted my initial thoughts in the comments section of this post.

So we know we will be able to buy Map Pack 1 once the servers are back up again, but what else will be in the big resistance update? Check this out which was posted in the MyResistance.Net forums. I would provide a link but you need to be a member to actually view the forum post:

Full notes follow:

  • Resistance: Fall of Man Map Pack 1 now available for download! This map pack contains both Westmorland, England and Camborne, England. Both are additional multiplayer maps designed to be played with Resistance: Fall of Man. Westmorland features snowy hills and Chimeran architecture. Great for snipers! Camborne features both above ground and underground fighting introducing a new twist on team battles. Both maps support all Resistance multiplayer game types. You must own Resistance: Fall of Man to play either map. To make purchasing and downloading the map pack quick and easy, there is now a “Purchase” button on the main online menu. Going to the “Purchase” menu will allow you to select, purchase, and download the map pack from within Resistance
  • Worldwide Servers! Now you can play with your friends anywhere in the world since all Resistance servers are now connected to allow for worldwide play. There is a new option in the “Multiplayer Options” menu called “Worldwide Player”. Setting this to “Worldwide” will allow you to play games against other players all over the world. Setting it to your local region (North America, Europe, etc) will restrict your games to only allow other players from your region to join, and will guarantee that any players you are matched against when playing ranked games are from the same region as you. If you create a party, your party will use the Worldwide Play setting from your multiplayer options (ie, if you are set to “North America”, only north American players will be allowed to join your party, but if you are set to “Worldwide”, anyone can join). Players who are set to “Worldwide” may still join games created by players who are set to their local region only as long as both players are from the same region.
  • The XMB Friends list is now accessible from the R:FoM Lobby. To access it, go to “Community” and select “Friends”.
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PSN Store Update – 28jun07

What’s new in the the PSN store today? Glad you asked. Take a look:

– Super Stardust HD
– Dynasty Warriors: GUNDAM Demo
– GTA IV Trailer 2
– Superbad Trailer
– I Know Who Killed Me Trailer
– The Invasion Trailer
– License to Wed Trailer

I think I’ll be picking up Super Stardust HD.

US PSN Store has Been Updated – New Demo, New Psn Game Added

[EDIT by Gary] The UK PS Store has also been updated. Super Stardust HD, Championship Sprint, Gauntlet 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Demo (better late than never I suppose) and the new GTA IV trailer, have all been added to the Store.


Rainbow Six: Vegas – Review + Video

After several delays, Rainbow Six: Vegas has finally made it to the PS3. To make you feel a little better about having to wait, you should know that the PS3 version includes two map packs that cost extra elsewhere.

Tosh picked up this game yesterday, so I hope he’ll be giving his impressions. But if you’re looking for a review, IGN finally has theirs up, and they give the game an 8.7 out of 10. The big question on your mind, as it was on mine, is probably about how it fares next to the 360 version. Well, I don’t have good news there. Supposedly the controls aren’t as tight as the 360 version. And the visuals aren’t really up to snuff either. Ah well. Maybe in GRAW2?

For more, read the full review:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

And here’s the video I promised, about Rainbow Six: Vegas multiplayer for the PS3.


Resistance Global Servers and New Map Friday

That’s right, Resistance finally changes to global servers on Friday 29th June and you will also be able to download map pack one. I got this info from the message screen when you go online on Resistance.

The servers will be down from around 2.30am Friday morning and will be down for most of the day. Once they are back online, you will be able to download the map pack one and you should have the option to choose between the EU/NA and Global servers. The time mentioned is for the UK so I have no idea of when the NA equivalent will take place.

Resistance Update


EDIT: Map pack 1 will cost £2.99.


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