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Call of Duty 4 – C4 Perk

Here’s a great video showing off the C4 perk from the upcoming Call of Duty 4. According to N4G, it’s actually from the PS3 version. Oh, and you have to watch this one to the very end. 🙂

Of all the games coming out for the PS3 this year, I’m looking forward to this one the most!

Call of Duty 4 – C4 Perk – HD

[Edit: This is definitely from the PS3 version. Take a look at the three symbols across the bottom. They represent what you can do with your d-pad. If you look at the Sleight of Hand and Double Tap videos, you can see that this display is changed to make it look like a 360’s d-pad. So this is some pretty strong evidence that the PS3 version looks just as awesome as any other.]


CoD4 – Sleight of Hand Perk

Here’s a video showing off the Sleight of Hand perk from the upcoming game Call of Duty 4. Coming to the PS3 this fall! (However, this video is taken from the 360 version.)

Call of Duty 4 – Sleight of Hand Perk – HD

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CoD4 – Double Tap Perk

From the upcoming PS3 game, Call of Duty 4. The Double Tap perk. This allows an increased rate of fire, it seems. This video is taken from the 360 version. Sorry it’s a bit old.

Call of Duty 4 – Double Tap Perk – HD

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CoD4 – Deep Impact Perk

If you’re a CoD fan like me, then you’re gobbling up these videos. Here’s one of the Deep Impact perk, which allows you to shoot through walls. This video is taken from the PC version of the game. (Sorry that it’s so old.) – Call of Duty 4 – Deep Impact – HD

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