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Yearly Archives: 2007

Rumble: Unofficial Confirmation?

June 14, 2007 | | 8 Comments

InnerBits claim that they confirmed with “two independent sources at Sony that they have been working on prototypes for several months.” We all knew it was coming of course, ever since we heard of Sony’s deal with Immersion. Of course, … Read More

Time Crisis 4 + Guncon 3

June 13, 2007 | | 3 Comments

Anyone else a fan of light gun games?

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Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection goes ONLINE!

June 13, 2007 | | 3 Comments

There is going to be a update for the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection that lets you battle online. In addition to that there will be a Online Rankings, Survival Mode and a Practice Mode, which … Read More

Soul Calibur IV Teaser Trailer

June 13, 2007 | | 6 Comments

At last some info about the next gen Soul Calibur. No actual gameplay in the video, but worth a look 🙂

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Resistance: Comedy of Man

June 12, 2007 | | 14 Comments

So last night there were some problems with the servers on Resistance resulting in the loss of all Ranked Team based games. Only Free for all games could be played. As my clan mates and I mainly prefer Team Objective … Read More

Sony Launches Official PlayStation Blog!

June 11, 2007 | | 4 Comments

About this year ago, Sony was notorious for extremely sparse and cryptic PR. The media gradually developed an animosity towards them. It took them a while, but now it seems that they have finally got with the program. Three … Read More

Sony MMO’s: Free Realms And The Agency

June 11, 2007 | | 8 Comments

We’ve previously heard of these as “Untitled Whimsical MMO” and “Untitled Mercenary/Espionage MMO”. Now they both have actual titles and details.

Free Realms (aka the Whimsical MMO)

“Our big goals with the game are whimsy and accessibility. User-generated content: … Read More

Rock Band – Can Use GH Controllers

June 11, 2007 | | 2 Comments

If you didn’t know it already, the upcoming rock ‘n’ roll game, Rock Band, will support Guitar Hero controllers. But you will not be getting the full Rock Band experience using them. Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether or not … Read More