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First Devil May Cry 4 Review |

German magazine GamePro has the first review of possible Game of the Year 2008 contender (in my eyes 😛 ) Devil May Cry 4. Here is a rundown of the plus and minuses taken from NeoGAF:

+Beautiful animations and effects
– flickering shadows and edges
– sometimes too bright

+ A good mixture of Rock and Classical music
+ directional/ambient effect
+ Good (English) synchro
– often repeating tracks

+ Good controls
+ Camera
+ Lock On system
– A bit chaotic

Game design:
+ Non-stop action
+ Upgrade system
– Backtracking!
– No innovation
– Can become tedious

Story/ Game world:
+ Beautiful Setting
+ Cool cutscenes
– Story somewhat chaotic
– Bland main villain

+ Main Game
+ Two Characters
+ Many side missions
+ Additional Goodies


According to the game manual, the PS3 version also uses the motion controls, allows you to check out the worldwide rankings and see how your friends are doing in DMC4. You’ll also be able to view your own stats via the PSN:


When the game starts for the first time, Devil May Cry 4 game data will be installed on the PLAYSTATION®3 Hard Disk Drive (HDD). You must install the Devil May Cry 4 game data to play the game. Only one copy of the Devil May Cry 4 game data can be installed to the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). 4.8GB of free space is required to install the game data.


With the Motion Sensor ON, turn the controller left and right to move the camera.
To quickly set the camera behind your character, shake the controller vigorously.

I’ll be turning off the motion controls straight away. I’m not bothered about having to install 4.8GB onto the HDD though as it eliminates loading times.

I can not wait! 😈

  • derrickgott007

    Great, here it goes again….

    – sometimes too bright…..WTF??? The PS3 has been out for a year and these so called “REVIEWERS” don’t know how to set their PS3’s up still??

    TURN THE RGB FULL RANGE ON! All credibility is lost when people don’t even know how to work the systems they are reviewing.

    I’m sick of this….Game after game, the same crap…”It’s too bright!” Well guess what?? Your brains too empty you so called reviewers…you don’t deserve to work for a magazine if you have no clue how to work the systems you are supposed to review.

  • Lol derrick. I think you need to send instructions to IGN and Gamespot and all the rest of them on how to turn the RGB off before they release their reviews.

    I’ll be definatly turning off the sixaxixs controls as well. Did it in a hurry for Heavenly Sword. Who’s getting the Collector’s Edition of this..besides me?

  • Gary

    I am aswell. Send me an invite fleakitten! I haven’t got many DMC fans on my friends list.

  • I will..just as soon as this silly ISP upgrades my internet connection.

  • News is that the PS3 verison is getting the ‘achievements’ system like the 360’s.

    Now hopefully Capcom will kill off Nero…then I’ll be really happy.

  • I like the fact that you can install the game into the PS3. It should help the game become more of an immersive experience. I wasn’t hat interested in this game until I saw the preview on 1up, It looks really good. So now I’ve got about 7 games that I’m going to get this year. Looks like a good year for Sony.

  • ima_gin_e

    Did anybody say cheese! I think they’ve gone over the top with the mtv-glitz wannabee/goth/emo crapola, but if it’ll hold true the original dmc gameplay, I’ll be happy. Would that be with swiss or cheddar, sir?