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Where’s the CoD4 Patch for PAL Territories?!! |

I remember North American CoD4 owners were able to download a patch for CoD4 that did the following:

US Data Center For NAT Server:
Will make all US players connect to US data center and EU users connect to EU data center. This will optimize performance for all users in those areas.

Fixed ‘Downloading Game Settings’ Error:
Fixed error with conflicting packet interaction.

Port 3095 Issue Corrected:
Players were required to have port 3095 open in order to host. Now players who have port 3095 blocked can still host matches.

Matchmaking Optimization:
Server search will end upon acquiring a certain number of good servers. Added “prefer” servers with best ping, this will optimize and expedite players finding and joining good matches.

I’m not quite sure exactly how long it’s been since you guys got the patch, but there hasn’t even been a hint of when PAL owners of CoD4 will be able to download the patch.

I’m getting pretty annoyed having to wait up to 15 mins to play a game, only for it to say “lobby closed” when it does find a game and it’s about to begin or for the game to spaz out just as the countdown timer has finished and going straight to the end of round screen.

Then there’s the times when you do find a game and the host quits right at the beginning! 👿

Then there’s the stupidly unstable party system.

I really enjoy playing CoD4 online, it’s now the only game I actually play online for the PS3 but I’m getting pretty sick of all the waiting and disconnect issues.

There are other flaws in the online infrastructure that I would like them to fix such as having a permanent friends list, proper clan options, being able to mute people, having squads so you can chat privately and being able to check other people’s stats etc (basically all the things that Resistance got spot on).

Whether there are plans for any of those things, who knows, but I do remember reading that you would have the option to mute people at some point from a future update.

I just hope whatever is causing the delay in the patch is resolved soon. 🙁

  • The patch doesn’t fix the unstable party system….

  • That’s just great. 🙄

  • Yes, the COD4 patch is delayed for the EU system, and the reason is some horribly complicated juristic case, that makes europe a whole lot slower than US. So, apparently it will take more time to pass through the european council (or whatever they choose to call themselves) than the US. Also Sony’s european sectino is apparently understaffed compared to the US staff… and all they can say is “I’t coming as soon as possible”, but when it’s sony, that could mean just about anything, cus apparently Home Beta was coming soon in bloody August 2007…. =/

    The only thing they said was certain was, that when the US get their 2nd patch (apparently there was two) Europe will get them both…

    But in all seriousness I think the PS3 slogan is completely inadequate to what is actually so… instead of PLAY B3YOND, how about something more realistic, like…. WAIT A WHOLE BUNCH OF TIME WHILE WE D3LAY IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN UNTIL WE HAD OUR GIGGLES WATCHING OUR BUDGET GOING DOWNHILL?

  • derrickgott007

    We are holding the patch hostage until you release the patch for FFB on Formula 1. If you want to make an even trade Pal Territories, then hand over the F1CE patch and come alone…any cops and the deals off.

    It’s good to know that PAL territories have to suffer like us here in the US when it comes to patches and upgrades and demos.

  • Emrah

    I also commented about this in another news item but couldn’t hold myself and let out a few bad words for sony Europe and I guess it is now deleted 🙂 I think sony has to stop this Europe / American separation, and form a new dynamic and universal entity called Sony Online.

    I think the update has NOTHING to do with jurisdiction. The european counsil has nothing to do with connectivity patches. Last time I remember, Valve’s steam is an international unified store for downloadable content which releases things across the globe, while still minding for local laws (german version of orange box is dumbed down, some local discount are being applied per territory)

    It is just that Sony EU isn’t doing their job that well. The patch has long been submitted. Sony, please, transform into sony online and make us proud.

  • No deal Derrick!

    Give us Pain into the bargain and then we’ll talk again. 😈

  • Gary

    I’ve just spent 30mins trying to find a game! 30mins FFS!!!! 👿

  • ZeroOnyx

    Our american patch was crap. we still have all the same server problems, at first it helped find games faster, yet 2 days in a row now it’s pointless to try. we loose party members. server connection errors & host ended game are happening nearly every game. mouthy people that need slapped, but the biggest crime not having my EU clan members there with to share the SAME frustrations. =Z= ZeroOnyx

  • derrickgott007

    Keep in mind ZeroOnyx that tons and tons of PS3’s were sold over christmas, and now everyone is getting online, and CALL OF DUTY 4 was one of the best selling PS3 games during christmas, so there are tons more people on the servers now. It will take a little bit for them to scale the servers up to match the amount of people….

    Good old supply and demand.

  • James

    It’s got really bad since Christmas. Last night I gave up after two hours of waiting. Frustrating, since it’s only the multiplayer I’m interested in.

  • yea im a bit peed iv got the us version and iv had no problems since the patch untill my mate bought the uk version, I can see him he can see me can we invite one another NO,sort it out.

  • Joe

    Same here man. I have the US/CAN version and my m8 just got the JP version. Cant connect for the life of us. Have even tried changing master account. FFS fix this shit.

  • Still no patch, and my connection is getting worse. It was not playable at all for 2 days.