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Warner Blu-Ray Announcement Fallout Begins |

Richard Greenfield, the media analyst with Pali Research, wrote (via New York Times):

“We expect HD DVD to ‘die’ a quick death.”

Michael Greeson, president and principal analyst for The Diffusion Group, said (via PC Mag):

“With Warner going Blu-ray only, HD DVD’s lifetime is now numbered in days, weeks at the most.”

Richard Doherty, research director at the Envisioneering Group, a market research firm in Seaford, N.Y., wrote (via New York Times):

“The overwhelming industry opinion is that this decides the format battle in favor of Blu-ray”

Robin Harris, an analyst with Data Mobility Group says (via PC World):

“I think the war is over. HD DVD has lost. It really is game-over for Toshiba and the other vendors”

Michael Bay, director of Transformers, wrote:

“Well another studio down. Maybe I was right? Blu ray is just better. HD will die a slow death. It’s what I predicted a year ago.”

UPDATE: Added Robin Harris Quote

  • Pc

    DIE HD-DVD !! DIE !!

  • Mike

    Thank god. There would have been no benefit to HD-DVD winning out. Less space resulting in lower quality audio and extra features in standard def = no thanks. Once it’s officially dead and buried (the nails are going into the coffin right now) people will be able to buy hi-def movie without worrying about the format war.

  • Sporty

    Well this has nothing to do with Warner, But Disney released a partial pre CES list of upcoming BD.

    Including Sleeping Beauty, Con Air, Dan in Real Life, Chronicles of Narnia, The Rock, Finding Nemo and National Treasure among several others.

    Be interesting to see how BDA trying to overwhelm the announcements this year as they did last year. Considering the Warner move I would imagine they will announce some big titles coming to keep up the momentum.

    Not to mention the Apple endorsement coming at Macworld next week (if true)

  • Concerning the Mac endorsement. Let’s look at it this way:

    There used to be this little fairly unkown studio called Pixar. They started doing computer animated graphics in the mid 80’s. The studio was created by George Lucas, yes the Star Wars guy, who stunningly enough also owned Lucasfilm Games, from such games as Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones and other great adventure games. Then came George’s divorse and someone with the name of Steve Jobs bought the (then still) little studio of George for $10 million because George didn’t want his wife to get too much of his money (prenup George, prenup). Now over the years and especially the latter half of the 90’s this studio starts to churn out one great title after another.

    Not so long ago Pixar went up in the great old Walt Disney Corporation and this got Steve Jobs his seat in the board of said corporation. To conclude: The man that created and reinvented Apple is in the board of Walt Disney which is a company that went BD from the start (I could be wrong, but they are now anyway).

    It sounds just logical to me that the endorsement thing is comming. Just because Steve Jobs sees the benifit of doing so.

    btw I like the transformers guy’s reaction 🙂

  • JimmyStewart

    Long ago I gave up on HD-DVD and started purchasing Blu-Ray exclusively (with the exception of Transformers which I mistaken bought on HD-DVD). But there’s always been this little nagging doubt in the back of my head that I’d be rebuying all my HD titles again… Now I finally feel almost entirely secure. It’s at a good time to, my Blu-Ray collection just passed 50 discs. It’s a shame they had to put the consumers through this. Now we just need HD-DVD to throw in the towel so we can all be done with this. I’m tired of explaining to my family and friends how my “HD-DVD”s are really called Blu-Ray.

  • mcloki

    Bluray group and especially Sony need to hammer home the fact that HDDVD is dead. Show no mercy at CES. Leave no doubt in consumers minds that HDDVD might have a chance at making it back from the grave, but that it is dead.. For the sake of every person in the movie industry HDDVD must die quickly and publicly for consumers to have confidence in blu ray and start to move forward.