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Agency Demonstration Video |

This is an espionage themed MMO shooter. Ships simultaneously on both PS3 and PC.

The footage looks like a fairly traditional shooter. I hope this has other gameplay elements that help it rise above being merely yet another shooter.

  • Mike

    Looks fairly average. I’ll hold out hope, I’ve wanted someone to do a good shooter MMO because I stand orcs and elves nonsense.

  • Looks rather lacklustre. The graphics are Wii quality.

  • it’s really hard to tell how all that other stuff he was talking about will actually work.

  • John

    Me not impressed, by neither the visuals nor the gameplay elements displayed.

  • LTL

    This game is not supposed to be a graphical marvel just like with most MMO’s. The sweetness is going to be that the environment and your agency will continue to evolve and work while you are not logged in. You will be able to get IM’s on your cell phone when the game completes something. Or Emails from the game while you are at work.

  • Darrin

    LTL, your agency will continue to evolve? I have no idea what that means, but that sounds more like what I want to see. If they have cooler more innovative features, why didn’t they demo that instead of bland shooter sequences.

    I wonder how much of the dev staff is from PlanetSide (the big PC MMOFPS by SOE)?