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CES: 2008 – BD Live Features |

Here are some examples of BD Live can do. The PS3 will have this updated in a firmware upgrade. Finally discs will start including a portable copy encoded for play on the PSP! 🙂 The AVP game sounds fun too.


Lionsgate announced today their new MOLOG, or, Movie Blog BD Live feature. This interactive feature allows a viewer to participate in online discussions regarding Lionsgate titles. This online discussion community will be accessable from a BD Live player and blogging can be done while the film is being viewed. Viewers can also access MOLOG from any web browser. Lionsgate’s BD release of Saw 4 will debut this feature next month.

Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures today showcased upcoming Blu-ray interactive features for their titles. One feature will allow viewers to send a ring tone to their phone from the movie. Additionally, PSP owners will be happy to hear that a portable copy will be available on the disc encoded specifically for the PSP. Also shown was a Men In Black network trivia game. More later.

Don Eklund from Sony Pictures revealed that Sony Pictures will make available for download via BD-Live extra content. The example shown was a video from actor Will Smith regarding his film ‘Hancock’ with a sneak peak of the film specifically for CES. He did mention that he is a fan of Blu-ray.


Fox plans on aggressively jumping into the market with advanved BD Live functionality featuring networked gaming and social networking. Fox is demonstrating a working Alien Vs. Predator networked game that allows players compete for the highest kill numbers. More to come…

  • geowarrior

    Loving the idea of a PSP version on a disc already, gonna save me heaps of time encoding 🙂

  • Sporty

    Don’t know why they didn’t mention iPods along with PSP, since they are the same format, plus apple is a member of BDA. It would have had a larger impact

  • yay for the psp version! i wonder if it will be DRM’d in some way…

  • John

    PSP copy? wow sweet!

    Sporty: if the PSP version is a regular MP4, it should work on iPods too

  • While the idea of having a PSP version of the movie on the BD sounds cool, I think it’s of limited value. There are not that many people who own both a PSP and a BD player capable of copying the content to the PSP. (Which right now I think is only the PS3.) At the very least, they should have an iPod formatted version too, as Sporty suggested.

    But frankly, I don’t care about portable movies. If I’m gonna watch a movie, it’ll be at home on my home theater.

    And frankly, while the other BD-Live/Java features mentioned above all sound cool, I have no use for those either.

    You know what features I want? The ability to get into a movie quickly without having to wait through trailers and warnings.

  • John

    >There are not that many people who own both a PSP and a BD player capable
    >of copying the content to the PSP. (Which right now I think is only the PS3.)

    I wouldn’t be so sure of that, given that the most sold BD player is by far the PS3 🙂

    Anyway, if it’s something you get for free and whose storage requirements are minuscule compared to BD capacity, then be happy for it. It’s better than having to buy an UMD, and it’s a step in the right direction ie. allowing you to view the movie you just purchased on as many movie players as possible.
    (contrast that to iTunes/iPod vendor-lock-in, DVD copy protection, downloadable pay per view, etc. where the vendors try to restrict you as much as possible)