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Sponge is now Fluff |


The rumours I’ve been hearing of late push LittleBigPlanet to a late 2008 release. That’s a year after we were originally supposed to get a public demo, so that’s just a tad bit really disappointing.

But the game seems to be coming along.

They’ve named the little characters Sackboys and now they can move forward and back, not just side to side. And the currency, Sponge, has been renamed to Fluff in order to allow a wider range of appearance, apparantly.

On the whole, there hasn’t been much new about this game. I wish it would come out sooner rather than later, however.

LittleBigPlanet on PlayStation 3 Features: Little Big Planet Update

  • Specter

    Hmm, Haze, now littlebigplanet are on the delayed list. That’s two exclusives.

    I hope 2008 doesn’t become a year of PS3 delays like 2007 was. The killer line up for 08 could dissolve into a few strung titles if the delay list lengthens. Sony really need the PS3’s exclusive list to stand out this year if it want to keep going to keep the sales momentum going.

  • even if it is late 2008, i am hoping for a beta earlier in the year. probably just wishful thinking though :/

    and i agree with everything Specter wrote.

  • John

    LBP being delayed so much is a bit disappointing, especially given the videos we’ve been seeing for a while now, and that looked fairly polished from a technical point of view.
    Could it be they have major trouble with polishing the gameplay?