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Poll: PS3 Game Outlook |

I’ve been taking a look at games that are coming out soon for the PS3, and I say that things look bleaker than nuclear fallout. The end of last year brought several good games for me to play, but this year is looking boring. The only bright spots (I hope) are Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet. But we haven’t heard anything about Killzone 2 in a while, and LittleBigPlanet’s been pushed to September. Home is far out too.

I know that this is because of my particular taste in games, but what can I say? So I’m here to ask about your PS3 gaming future. How does the first half of 2008 look to you?

* Awesome. Lots of great games are coming.
* Alright. I’ll be picking up a couple.
* Terrible wasteland.

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Previous poll results:

How’s the PS3 doing?

* Awesome.: 35% (201)
* Very good.: 30% (168)
* Alright.: 22% (128)
* Not so good.: 8% (43)
* Terrible.: 5% (29)

  • Gary

    Three words and a number for you:



    There’s also Burnout Paradise, Dynasty Warriors 6, Haze and MGS4 due by the end of April so that’s pretty awesome for me.

  • Yeah, I know that lots of people are looking forward to those games. But here’s why I don’t like them:

    DMC4 – Single Player Only, plus I don’t like having to kill each person 10 times over before they’re dead. (Same thing with Heavenly Sword and other similar games).

    Burnout Paradise – Looks good, but no splitscreen play. I know I’m harping on this a lot, but it’s really a deal killer. I tried the demo but got bored after a bit.

    DW6 – Who?

    Haze – I just don’t get the feeling that this will be a good game. I’ve watched the developer interviews. Seen some videos. But nothing about it really grabs me. I see the stuff and think “meh”. I’ll definitely rent it, just in case I’m wrong. I hope I am.

    MGS4 – I just don’t like Snake’s but-crack pants. Don’t want to be staring at that the whole time I play. Plus it’s single player only. Plus it’s tactical. (I’m more of a run and gun type.)

  • tayler

    I love to play, Devil may cry 4, Turok, Metal Gear Solid 4,Killzone 2, Singstar =],Haze,Little Big Planet, Burnout Paradise,Gran turismo 5 prolouge,home,IPTV,and BD live….i’ll do psp games on anthoer blog =].

  • Well, if we are lucky, we might get GT5 at the end of the year, maybe early next year…

    And we get GT5P as well as MGS4

    The rest doesn’t interest me much. Since now summer is coming, I doubt I’ll play much (although I already preordered GTA4) on my console.

  • Darrin

    Q1-Q2 of ’08, boring? You are crazy!

    GTA4 + Mercs 2 + MGS4 are huge. The question is how much gets delayed. I bet at least two out of those three will be delayed to late ’08.

    Also for Q1-Q2: SingStar (USA), Killzone, DMC4, Burnout, GT5:P, Home Beta (not really a game). Plus unannounced PSN titles. There is more than enough to be excited about.

  • chrysostom

    I really like Heavenly Sword and Assassin Creed (ok, a bit repetitive but the control is very slick). MGS4 would be a no-brainer for me.

    Never played a DMC series… so may give it a try this time.

    GT5 Prologue!! Although it’s out in Japan last year but it’s still considered a 2008 release for NA and Europe.

  • Gary

    Woah! I forgot about Mercs 2!!!!

  • mcloki

    White Knight Story? GT5. Home, LBP, Resistance 2. Probably announced at GDC. And you know there will be a few sleepers.
    While I don’t think it will be the best year for PS3 games.
    Last summer was the wasteland. And Superstardust HD is coming.
    Guitar Hero and Rockstar are going to continue to put out DLC.
    That will be the big story of 2008. Not the games per say but the DLC.
    Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones (rumour)

    AndI expect something great at GDC. Maybe a “PS3mote” to go up against the Wii.
    How many people would buy a Zelda PS3mote clone that had PS3 level graphics?
    Hey maybe Level 5 can work on it. Dark Cloud + PS3mote = Greatness.
    Plenty coming. Potential will be shown. So it will be a good year.
    Who knows maybe even a Shadow of the Colossus 2 and dare we even wisper it
    God of War 3 just in time for Christmas.

  • MGS4 says it all for me. i love those games to death.

  • MGS4, GTA4, GT5:P, MERCS2 and MGS4 comes with online play, tough it’ll be the starter pack, still you can start online play from day 1

  • Solid_Nat

    Awesome. Lots of great games are coming. All of the above already mentioned plus the ones that are been kept under wraps. I think 08 will be a great year for PSN titles.

    I still havent played all the great games from last year so for me there are lots of games coming out or already out that i can play.

    Dont forget that quite a few PSN titles have split screen play so we do have some games that include split screen both online and offline CAC, Warhawk etc. I think as more people get to grips with the hardware and HD TV we will see split screen included more and more….

  • ehandlr

    Tekken 6
    Killzone 2
    Disgaea 3
    FFXIII (It might be 2008…dont’ ruin my dreams)
    FFXIII Versus (read above)
    Naruto PS3
    White Knight Story
    Valkyrie of the Battlefield

    to name a few exclusives I’m excited about.

  • The problem is Henning isn’t your ‘classical’ gamer.

    He is a more social gamer who values split screen and good online play.

    I now want both. I need my single player fix but I’m now a 100% convert to online gaming when it’s done right.

  • Resistance 2, on demand of Henning 😀

  • i don’t play online at all. i’m all about single-player.