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In Game XMB Pic? |

File this firmly under the must-be-a-rumour or probably-a-photoshop-job departments, but I thought you guys might be interested in this, a purported screenshot of the in-game XMB in development at Sony:


Little Birdie: In Game XMB Sooner Than We Think?

  • Probably faked.

  • Lets see we have settings, music game and buddies on the xmb …. enough for me 🙂 I’d like access to the web browser but not a big deal.

    Does seem fake, but hope it’s true.

  • Solid_Nat

    Something is telling me that this is real, this is one of the biggest barriers to a more complete online experience with the PS3 and i think Sony will be working hard to get this sorted, some PSN titles have had bits and bobs of this, for example SSHD with the music and Pro Bowling with the friends list so it can be done, its just doing it for every game etc.

    If the PSN community is going to grow outside of Home this needs to be done ASAP, we all need to read messages in game etc.

  • Huschke

    You guys are probably right. This looks to good to be true. I bet Sony’s “Ingame XMB” will be the current “Ingame XMB” + adding a column for reading and writing messages …

  • I’d say it’s a fake. Why would you need a “quit game” icon in the Game menu when you can access that through the PS button?

  • Why do you need at least six different ways of closing a Windows application? (Maybe there’s more, that’s how many I counted.) Flexibility. Everybody does things differently. As long as the flexibility doesn’t impede and clutter, I have no problem with it.

    You might get a message from a friend. You go to the XMB to read it. He invites you to a different game. So you quit. Makes sense to me.

  • Darrin

    Maybe the forthcoming in-game XMB replaces the existing in-game menu screen with quit/shutdown/controller settings. Why would you want to keep both?

  • Ah, Darrin. How dare you make sense and point out the obvious?

    I totally missed that…

  • Isn’t that picture taken in someone house though? There’s sofas and a tablelamp in the tv reflection I think.
    I call shenanigans.

  • Gary

    Well until Sony shows me otherwise I think it’s a fake.

  • John

    If fake, it’s a well done photoshop job (but god knows there are many individuals talented with photoshop)

  • This is something i found at….Quote:

    Finally some news concerning in-game XMB access… It’s confirmed for 2008, but when in 2008? No clue…

    Sony’s gaming division might have a small showing at this year’s CES, but that isn’t keep Paul Purdy from dropping some big PS3 news: in-game Xross Media Bar (XMB) access is confirmed for 2008. When pressed for a specific timeframe, the Sony rep simply relayed that Sony’s focus at CES is on hardware.

    For those not aware, the PS3’s operating system is unavailable while in games. This prevents the use of custom soundtracks or messenging while a game is active, and since the Xbox 360 offers its users both while in-game, PS3 owners have been justifiably frustrated.
    ……….End of Quote

    after all… it might be true

  • Actually:

    Confirmed fake.

  • derrickgott007

    FAAAAAKKKKKKKEEEEEE!!!!!! Anytime I see a blurry picture it pretty much confirms fake, because if I am going to break some real news I’m damn sure going to make sure the pic is clear.