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Burnout Paradise Video Review |

Looking forward to picking this up next week 🙂 I’ve been a fan of burnout since the 3rd one. This one looks like the best yet. I do miss the crash mode though, that was fun at parties.

  • Carl;)G

    Anyone know if you can change the buttons on it?
    i.e i want the X button as Accelerate etc etc. Hate the demos buttons!!! :-/ +is there a 2 player off-line split-screen mode for it?
    (4player split-screen is want i want!dout it tho,but this is PS3!!!why can’t it do these things for???
    +i know its up to the makers of the games,are they lazy?:-D or can’t PS3 handle it???On MotorStorm the game does slow down a bit when you got all the cars near eachother sumtimes)
    If no to these to things, im not buying it. Sorry! ;-D
    p.s I LOVE PLAYSTATION!Anyway;)

  • Carl;)G

    My 1st post i ment Doubt it. Can’t spell!!!;-D Sorry;)

  • geowarrior

    You really know how to make a grown man struggle with his wallet putting teaser videos up :-).

    This game looks very pretty and the demo played well, still unsure about the open gameplay but this is one of the top games that will be fighting to pull the notes out of my wallet along with Rock Band (when it finally arrives in the UK)

  • Gary

    I’m picking this up next Friday.

  • Jast3r Rogu3

    My 1st ea game for PS3 the demo rocks and Criterion always delivers the best cant wait.