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Toy Home Impressions |

I wasn’t sure about this game until I tried the demo, but it’s actually pretty fun. I bought the game for my girlfriend because she tried the demo and was instantly hooked. So the impressions below are mostly from me watching her play the game. Because every time I try to play she insisted on playing, lol. So if you see me online playing Toy Home it’s her πŸ™‚

You steer the car with the sixaxis only, I wish there was analog support but no big deal. Steering could be a little tighter though. Everything in the world you can smash into, from little toys, dominoes, cereal boxes, even huge boxes. It’s very fun using your boost to smash into things. The goal is to get all the circle gates before time runs out. With each gate you get you get 10 seconds added to your time. You also get extra time for smashing into objects and getting special glowing items. Your car doors even fall off if you hit something with enough force.

What surprised me that this game even has online battle support. I tried it out a few times, not bad actually. Sometimes it hard to find somebody available to play though. You basically compete for the most coins and special items. There are power ups you can get for your car. A few I remember are homing crayons, invisibility, super jump, warp behind your opponent, some kind of gravity attack that causes the other car to flip over. There may be more. Ram your opponent to knock the coins out of them and collect them for yourself. It’s just one and one though. If you check out the leader board, you can see the people with the highest score and even download a replay of it.

To bad there isn’t a free roam mode, I’d love to explore the room more. Is it worth $9.99, you bet. It has 8 levels, 2 bonus levels, and 2 cars to pick from. At least try the demo.

  • Darrin

    Nice impressions. My girlfriend was immediately attracted to this as well.

    I played through the demo, and it was very nicely polished, but I just didn’t get hooked like I did with other racers.

  • Ya, I’m not likely to play it very often. But if your looking to get your girlfriend or wife to play games with you try this one out πŸ˜‰

  • Michael

    The split-screen battle mode is good too, quite competitive and more fun than calling all cars, and easier to play for less advanced players (e.g. kids).

  • geowarrior

    Can’t say this game looks like it does it for me, but you do bring up an interesting topic when it comes to girlfriends / wifes playing our PS3!

    My wife begrudingly plays video games and when she does its has to be the stereotypical ‘girly games’ i.e. Singstar, eyetoy type stuff etc

    What I am wondering is if your partner likes games do you get more or less game time yourself? Are you fighting for the PS3 Tosh? I personally have to wait till the wife has gone to bed to get my quality game time in, otherwise I am fighting for the TV against the soaps or getting constant wife knatter disturbing my concentration πŸ™‚

  • For the past week or so she’s had the run of the PS3, lol. But I’m glad I got her to finally play a PS3 game willingly. She finally beat it, so she may start to play it less.

  • derrickgott007

    Not being able to stop the clock ruins this game for me. I want to explore, I want to see how far I can jump…I want to get on the bed, etc….But NO!!!!! The clock has to keep ticking away…….POOR GAME DESIGN IF YOU ASK ME!