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New MotorStorm Tracks: Verdict |

Well, I now know why the two new MotorStorm tracks only cost $2.99US and $3.99Cdn (ripped off again!). They’re SHORT!

Put the two tracks together, and they’re still not as long as some original MotorStorm tracks. First I played Diamondback and was surprised by how short it was (about 40 seconds). It’s a good, fun track, but still. So I figured the other track would be a lot longer. So I tried Eagle’s Nest and it’s about the same length!

Diamondback is actually a figure-8 track, which will make things rather interesting once more cars are on the track. (I just played Time Attack mode.) Why? Because there’s no bridge where the tracks cross!

Man, this game would be so much more fun if it had splitscreen…

Two New MotorStorm Tracks Due Today

  • Now it makes sense, that these tracks are a) bundled and b) cheap…

    Guess, I won’t be getting those tracks anytime soon (only if Sony bundles all 4 tracks for 10€ or less). The “car skins” don’t interest me at all, so there’s your lost opportunity Sony!

  • Carl;)G

    Figure-8 track in 4player Spilt-screen!!! ;-P (Maybe for PS4!!!) JOKE! 😉

  • francois

    I agree that 4 players split-screen would be fun. Test Drive : Eve of Destruction on ps2 was excellent in 4 players, plenty of mini games.

    I am going to get the new track, but not until I finish the game: 2 last tickets left.

  • derrickgott007

    I love Test Drive Eve of Destruction….I love how it had the video of the guys from CARMAGEDDON off of SPIKE TV. FORDZILLA FOREVER!!! Hahahaha… I hope they make another Test Drive Eve Of Destruction for the PS3….It is more fun than motorstorm.