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next-gen’s Bold Prediction |

From here:

I’m going to predict that, at some point in 2008, Xbox 360 will enjoy its last ever month outselling PlayStation 3.

I would like to agree, but then again, I thought the PS3 was a way better pick in 2007, and the North American market clearly disagreed.

To paraphrase a famous quote:

Analysts can’t even predict the past, much less predict the future.

Regardless, it’s nice to see such genuine optimism and enthusiasm for the PS3, as opposed to a year ago when the PS3 was being drowned by doomsayers.

  • mcloki

    I think this deserves a poll. Most of us here believe it to be something that can happen. I think we run a poll to see which month this is going to occur first.

    I’m going to predict June. I reason, that with the release of MSG4 and GTA4, These titles should entice many people to finally go NextGen. My second month would be any month that sees Ressitance 2 come out, most likely November.

  • Darrin

    Two things:

    – We haven’t seen Microsofts hand yet. Both Microsoft and Sony will have surprises for 2008, but I’m expecting more surprises from Microsoft. Based on the already announced exclusives and ’08 features, Sony will slaughter Microsoft, and they know that. That’s why I’m expecting a big counter-punch that we haven’t seen. They have tons of cash reserves and they are willing to spend what it takes.

    – I can see PS3 passing 360 and not looking back, but there won’t ever be even one fluke month in 2009+ where 360 eeks out a win? Even when Microsoft launches their next mega hyped Halo-style title? That’s a bold prediction.

  • mcloki

    Darrin rightly points out, all it takes is a Madden 09 with a great new ragdoll physics model to win a month. But I haven’t really heard of anything in the Microsoft camp that is upcoming and exclusive. Gears of war 2 is expected. But I have a feeling it’s going to be going up against God of War 3 and Resistance 2. Maybe something will come out of XNA?

  • Sporty

    I would say August myself. With the analog TV cut off coming and digital switch people are buying HDTVs this year and PS3 isn’t really that expensive anymore now that BD is included.

    I also think E3 will be telling. We know a lot of titles from Sony coming this year. And plenty of 360 titles. I think the majority of third party titles will be multi platform as the trend is going but MS’s first party is relatively small compared to Sony’s internal studios. The small amount of Sony games we know about are third party except Infamous, KZ2, LBP, SOCOM, GT5 and Resistance 2. Not counting MGS and I wouldn’t count FFXIII since it probably wont see a release till Fall ’09. Naughty Dog might have a new release this year. We still have over a dozen Sony first parties working on projects not yet revealed.

    GDC is coming up were we’ll see Gears of War 2 and get a feel for that and others along with a few Sony titles.

    Either way, who cares, lol. As long as we got games coming out I can’t wait.