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Poll: When Will PS3 Sales Surpass 360’s? |

What month in 2008 (or at all?) will the PS3 surpass the 360 in monthly sales? (In North America.)

See Darrin’s post about 2008 predictions to read more.

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Total Votes : 114

  • JimmyStewart

    I don’t really think this one is going to be possible. I love my PS3, the two I’ve got have been doing great work for me. But there’s simply not enough games coming out this year to really sell the console. The 360 has basically had over two years with quite a few great exclusives already to sell the console… I’m talking games like Gears of War and Halo. Multi-million copy sellers. Even relatively low sellers but incredibly well reviewed games like BioShock are outselling anything on the PS3 right now.

    In order for the PS3 to surpass the 360 they’d have to surpass those titles and right now they just don’t have that coming up. I can think of a few games that have a chance of selling BioShock numbers, but I can’t see anything on the system that’s going to pull in Halo 3 numbers. Halo 3 sold to half of all 360 owners out there… there’s simply nothing like that to compete on Sony’s side. Especially in North America. Perhaps with a few more decent games on the horizon to appeal to western audiences (KillZone 2 might help sell some systems) Sony will begin to get a foothold. Now I know you guys have your favorites and you’ll be pushing Little Big Planet and other somewhat higher profile games like that… but let’s be honest. These aren’t going to have the numbers needed to even begin to compete with the line-up already on the 360. And of course, while the PS3 adds more titles, so will the 360.

    I’d say it would be more likely that games like God of War 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3 will help sell consoles… but I don’t see either of those games coming out this year. And by the time they do… what 2009, 2010 the 360 will be pretty hard to touch for the PS3. The only way I could see the PS3 passing the 360 is if MS kills the 360 after 5 years and pops out a new console while Sony keeps selling PS3s. I think this poll would be far more fitting if you were looking to Japan, maybe Sony’s already outsold the 360 there. One Final Fantasy would surely put them ahead over there. In North America, it’s just not very likely imo.

  • Sporty

    If it was worldwide it wouldn’t be much of a poll Jimmy, PS3 should be hitting 10M at the end of the month. With Sony closing the gap on a worldwide base, it would be logical to assume they are outselling 360 on total sales now.

    But I think your confusing the prediction with total install base. PS3 doesn’t need to sell 6 million system to catch up then outsell 360 month after month for this prediction.

    It’s based off NPD monthly totals not install base.

    You should also wait till after E3 to decide you dont’ see GOW3 or anything like that coming out this year. You might be right, or you could be completely wrong since it’s been in development a year now.

    Either way, it’s only a poll, nothing to get worried about. I see it as possible, but not probably myself.

  • Huschke

    I’m on Jimmys side. As much as I love my PS3 there are too many triple A titles coming out on both consoles, that were playstation exclusive in the first place. Just look at GTA IV, Bladestorm and even Assassin’s Creed wasn’t ment to be played on a 360.

    In my mind there’s only one option for Sony right now. Get “Home” out as soon as possible and organize a tremendous (and outstanding) marketing campaign that focuses on the FREE aspect of “Home”!!!!

  • I’ve voted for ‘You’ve got to be kidding”. I can’t see the PS3 surpassing sales of the 360 in NA at all this year, if ever.

    I hope I’m wrong though. 😛

  • Jimmy, I think you’re forgetting about MGS4 which should shift a few PS3s when it’s released. GT5 should also shift a lot of consoles but I’m not sure if that is out this year in NA.

  • ehandlr

    I picked December but thats still a long shot. While the PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide on a weekly basis (past 6 weeks straight)..the amount is minimum. To close a 7 million console gap will be tough. I do think they will close at least half of that at minimum. But there is a slim chance it will take the lead…

  • If it happens, it will be in the last quarter of ’08, starting in October.

    Seeing as we’ll get some major blockbusters this year (and not only at Yuletide), the PS3 might catch up quite a bit before Xmas… I am talking MGS4, GTA4 (still a “PS3” franchise, which is likely to sell quite some units), GT5P (not so much, but at least a little) et al…

    If those games sell enough consoles to catch up at least a good bit, Sony might manage to overtake the 360 in sales LTD at the end of the year, when the hardhitter a la KZ2, LBP and GT5 hit (FFXIII won’t make it this year for sure).

    But I am sceptical!

  • Guys, the poll is about the PS3 beating the 360’s sales over a one month period, not when you think the PS3 might overtake total 360 sales!

  • mcloki

    I think LBP is going to be bigger than most people think. People that like games and gaming are going to buy this title just because it is something different. Don’t discount the fact that LBP is a real innovation when it comes to console games and gaming. Just as forge is going to help out Halo on the 360 side. LBP is going to bring the idea of user created content to the masses. I can already see the articles about people recreating Super mario world in LBP. Level for Level. The geeky pleasure of “your avatar” playing through a level is going to be great. LBP is a platform unto itself. Can LBP racing be far behind?
    And it’s because of this that I say June or 1 month after LBP is released. LBP is just too cute to not get tons of TV coverage and if Sony was smart they would push it to counter all the “video games are bad for children BS” that is out there.
    Sony just has to deliver games to market, and they seem to be delivering plenty of games this year. Next Christmas i going to be hard on the wallet.
    And don’t underestimate teh impact of the included Bluray player. Already I’m seeing ads with more of a bluray presence. If bluray takes off, Ps3 sales will follow.

  • Darrin

    “I can’t see anything on the [PS3] that’s going to pull in Halo 3 numbers”

    That’s software, not hardware, but I agree.

    It’s not an issue of game quality. Even with identical cross platform titles (CoD4, Rock Band, etc) or subjectively comparable exclusive games, 360 software simply sells much better.

    It’s also not install base: Even when dividing software sales by install base, 360 sales still come out way ahead on comparable games.

    So, if it’s not game quality and it’s not install base, what is it? It’s just the whim of the mass market. And that market whim is pretty strongly favoring the 360. However, that whim can change suddenly without any apparent rhyme or reason, but that’s nearly impossible to predict.

  • Sporty

    As mcloki pointed out, don’t underestimate Blu-Ray on the PS3 now.

    On average last year 360 outsold PS3 in the US on average 50% higher monthly sales.

    At the time it was the whipping boy of the consoles. You visit sites like NeoGaf now and the PS3 hate isn’t as wide spread as it used to be. Mainly only the die hard tards trash it not the general gaming guys now. Most admit they want one once more games are coming more consistently. With a price drop and some bigger hitting games this year most journalists see this as the PS3 big come back.

    On the Blu-Ray side since Warners announcement (besides HD-DVD’s NPD marketshare dropping from 40% to %7) Blu-Ray hardware sales have jumped nearly 50%, that’s not including PS3 sales, which are considered the best players and highest sellers. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to see PS3 sales spike up along with the BD players since they are some of the cheapest players and most recommenced.

    As I said before, I see it as possible but wouldn’t bet the farm on it. But keep in mind there are still 10s of million of gamers that haven’t jumped in next gen yet, 50% of the US should have HDTVs by the end of the year.

  • Chemical O

    I think it will be difficult for the ps3 to surpass the xbox 360’s sales any month this year. No one has mentioned price point yet. I think the 360 will probably have another price cut around the time gta 4 gets released and they can probably afford another one by holiday 08, if the ps3 starts to take off.

  • mcloki

    Price is a factor Chemical O. But the price of a 360 just got more expensive after the Warner “No more HDDVD” announcement. The value proposition of the PS3 just got $200 better. IF I buy a 360 I need to still go out and buy an HDDVD replacement or download 720P content from itunes or Netflix. Sony needs to be hammering on that message. Get a bluray player for $50 more.