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DMC4 Demo to Hit Japan PS Store Thu? |

I really really hope so:

That’s the news we get from Capcom, formally letting the internet know that the demo will hit on Thurday 24th. Now whether this is going to be released on Xbox Live in Japan we can’t say, but it will certainly hit Japan’s Playstation Store.

I was going to avoid the demo to keep the game fresh but there’s no way I can resist a demo at this stage!


  1. Sounds nice^^

    Since I got GoW2 today (was a bargain at Amazon DE for 21€), I could wait^^

    But we’ll see… The cool thing about the Jp store is, that the update always is ~midday in Germany, because of the time differential (and not in the middle of the night, like the US store updates nowadays).

  2. Yup, same for the UK. 8)

  3. Huschke

    21€ sounds fair, i think i might make myself a late christmas present 😀

  4. So many good games, so little money, lol. I gotta check out this demo though 🙂

  5. All signs point to it being easier than DMC3 SE.

    This is a BAD thing! 👿

  6. astronautbread
  7. Excellent 🙂

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