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PS3 Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro Review |

I got this for playing around with Ubuntu 7.10 Linux on the PS3 and writing messages & browsing the web in the XMB. It works quite well actually. Very easy to pair with the PS3, and it stays synced. I even turned it on while in CoD4 to type some names for my custom classes, since they mysteriously disappeared again … found it after 1 or 2 seconds, very quick.

PS3 Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro
PS3 Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro

I’m much more willing to send and reply to messages in the XMB now. The built in mouse pad works well too. On the far right there is a scroll sensor, very easy to browse web pages now. You can actually use the mouse pad to navigate the XMB too. You can tap the mouse pad to click on links in web browsers, or even to select things in the XMB.

Now on the Linux side, I found some instructions for getting it synced and it worked, mouse pad and all. But I accidentally hit the reset button on the back which is very easy to do if you grab it just right. So it lost connection to Linux, I had to repair it. Since then I have put some tape over the reset button, lol. Problem solved πŸ™‚

One thing that bugged me though. When booting into Linux you have to hit enter to start the booting process, but at that point it doesn’t see the bluetooth keyboard. So I have to hook up a usb keyboard just to hit enter! Then I can use the bluetooth keyboard to log in.. There may be a way to sync the bluetooth keyboard so I don’t have to usb keyboard just to hit enter once! Hitting enter doesn’t bug me. It’s that I need a usb keyboard just to do that.

Side note on Linux, PS3 firmware 2.10 broke the wireless in Linux πŸ™ Please Sony correct this or let us Linux users how to fix it.

It has some keys marked on the keyboard as x, circle, triangle and square. But it has no start or select button. I wish it had dedicated PlayStation buttons but not a huge deal. There are some media playback buttons at the top: reverse, play, forward, and BD/DVD Menu. But if I was watching a movie I’d rather use the actual PS3 remote control. But it’s nice it’s built into this keyboard.

Out of curiosity I tried this keyboard with my iMac and it works. You can also use a mouse in addition to this keyboard with the PS3 / Linux / or iMac. I don’t have UT3, so I can’t test if it works playing PS3 games.

Overall I really like it, matches the look of the PS3 well. Typing and using the mouse feel good. It’s lightweight, does feel a little cheap. Not to pricey (about $60 from Amazon). If I had to rate it a 89 of 100.

You can view full size photos here

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Pro provided by Logitech.

  • I wish they also had a combo with a proper mouse, this looks so nice, but the pad cannot be efficiently used in games, so a padless version with a mouse would be very nice.

  • You can use a mouse in combo with this, I didn’t try a bluetooth mouse because I don’t have one. Just a wired one. But in theory a bluetooth mouse should work.

  • Dave

    Got this some days ago, it looks fantastic and it works fine, only problem is the keys feel a little cheap, they make a lot of noise when pressed.
    Anyway i would reccomend this, it’s nice to be able to type wirelessly AND without any USB dongle sticking out of your PS3. πŸ˜‰

  • Found a option for my kboot issue. Not sure how to edit this file yet, but should be easy enough.

    “edit to the kboot.conf to dumb down the timeout is so it skips the kboot prompt more quickly”

  • @Tosh: I know they should co-exist but I’d have like to have a matching pair, and combos seem to be cheaper than separately buying both items. There are lots of wireless combos around where I live, and cheaper, but they don’t use bluetooh, they have their own wireless dongle, but why use up a usb port with the dongle sticking out, and have an extra layer of wifi signal while we could smoothly use bluetooth? (also, one question: could my PS3 handle both keyboard and mouse through the usb wireless dongle? Just in case I get desparate)

  • Tosh, there’s the delay option, just lower the limit from afaik 300 (which is 5minutes) to something like 10 or so seconds… that did it for me

    in PSUbuntu, open a terminal and execute “sudo nano -w /etc/kboot.conf” (press ctrl+x to save and exit)

  • I’ll try that Segitz thanks.

    “Emrah” your question:

    I would assume so, the PS3 thinks it’s a usb keyboard / mouse basically. I haven’t tested this myself so I can’t say for sure. Anybody out there try this?

  • Michael

    What’s with the pseudo windows keys? Why not just **** ’em off and have alt-ctrl-big spacebar-alt-ctrl like a decent bloody keyboard?

  • xavier

    I own this keyboard and paired it with pS3 XMB really easily… But I was unable to pair it with Ubuntu installed on the PS3… Would you be kind enough to explain precisely how you managed to pair the keyboard with the linux OS ? Many thanks

  • Bluetooth Keyboard Set Up

    Username & Password are:

    Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  • Jaime

    Hey Tosh, I’m planning to buy this keyboard, but I don’t have any other USB keyboard available here and I don’t have Linux installed now. Is it possible to pair this keyboard when installing Linux, or am I gonna need a wired USB keyboard to perform the installation?
    And by the way, nice review!

  • Thanks πŸ™‚

    Ya, you’ll need a usb keyboard and mouse to get it paired for the first time. You can follow the instructions I put in the “Bluetooth Keyboard Set Up” link 2 comments up.

  • I’m not having any luck pairing my new logitech mediaBoard with my PS3 60G. I went into settings to “register bluetooth device” and then “register bd remote control”, but nothing happens after that. It says “press the start button and Enter button of the bd remote control and hold down until the screen changes”. The logitech keyboard doesn’t have a start button! The directions that came with the keyboard are not accurate as well.

    Any thoughts? What am i missing?

  • There is a keyboard and mouse option in there as well. Your just doing the wrong one.

  • Mg

    where are the instructions for getting it synced to linux?

  • Bluetooth Keyboard Set Up

    Username & Password are:

  • Mg

    anything on yellowdog?

  • I looked a little and I couldn’t find anything. Maybe upgrade to YDL 6.0 when it’s available.

  • Mg

    I have the 6.0. no support/info on bluetooth, from either ydl, or logitech
    they have bluez for download. I installed, scanned (with logitech opertor on the phone).

    Is there an legality issue here?

    PS3 has bluetooth pre-installed, PS3 contracts our Terrasoft, Terrasoft makes ydl FOR ps3. No bluetooth?

  • That’s very weird. Maybe YDL doesn’t support it …

  • Mg

    Ubuntu does?

  • Aaron

    Is it or is it not compatible with PCs also? It doesn’t come with a dongle, and my desktop doesn’t have bluetooth within it. I read somewhere that if you bought a USB dongle for the PC it could work. Anyone heard about this or has experience connecting it to a PC? Is there a specific dongle to use, if so?

  • Yes Ubuntu supports it but you need to configure it.

    On the PC question. Yes you’ll need a usb dongle. In “theory” it should work. I havn’t tried this myself.

    I have used this with my iMac and it works great.

  • My ps3 doesn’t have an option to register a keyboard or mouse, only 2 selection, BD device and headphones.
    I have bthe 80gig motostorm ps3…any ideas, I bought the logitech mediaboard pro…help!!!

  • Just do new device

  • Yedgee

    I’m having the same issue as NE Comp Services.
    I try to register my keyboard and the only option I have under Accessory Settings is Register BD Remote Control.
    Under that is Manager Bluetooth Devices…and then a view others.

    I already have a BD Remote and BT Headset paired.

    I don’t get it.

    Where is the registe BD keyboard/mouse option?

  • Sean

    Okay anyone here PLEASE HELP ME I’ve had this keyboard for 5 months and had to get a new ps3—- I can’t remember how to pair it and I lost the instructions on how to pair it if it’s that easy I should get it but I don’t SO PLEASE SOMEONE post it… Thanks.

  • Yedgee


    Go to Accessory Settings, then Manage Bluetooth Devices.
    Click on the add new device or register new device (i forget what it’s called…but it’s at the very bottom).

    The PS3 will then scan for the device.

    Power on your keyboard when the PS3 scans and make sure at the same time you power on that you are holding the reset button located on the bottom of the keyboard.

    PS3 should find the keyboard in a few seconds.

  • chip

    I bought this and paired it with my Macbook and it works great… until I turn it off or let my computer go to sleep. Then I have to go through the setup assistant again. Anybody have any idea what may be causing this issue?

  • I don’t use it with my Mac much, but I had the same issue. I’ll have to do more testing. Anybody else?